Thom Williamson

Spooky Observation:18
Spooky Strength:10
Spooky Coordination:15
Fast Draw:16

Thom Williamson is of Scottish ancestry. Thom’s hair is a dirty brown with a tinge of red highlights mostly noticeable only in the sunlight and his eyes are different shades of blue and green depending on the angle of the light. His accent is not that of a Scottish first generation in the United States, but more of tough country and but decently educated.


Thom Jacob Williamson was born on February 26th, 1846 to James and Ellen Williamson. Thom’s date of birth is most notable due because on that day the liberty bell was cracked and William Cody “Buffalo Bill” killed his 4000th buffalo. Thom’s parents immigrated to the United States in 1841 due to the Highland Potato Famine, a famine caused by potato blight that struck the Scottish Highlands in the 1840s. Nova Scotia or Canada was a popular place but the United States pulled more attraction to the young Williamson family. First the family moved to Chicago then set out to the southern great plain states until finally settling in Ft. Smith, Arkansas – a small city incorporated in 1842.

Thom joined an irregular band of soldiers for the Confederate States in 1861 at the age of 15. Death was fairly common for Thom. Changed history: In 1861 Missouri, Thom and two men from the Confederate army were taking shelter on farm. One of the men forgot to lead the horses back to the farm and left them on the road where Union soldiers spotted them. After a struggle with the family at the farm the Union soldiers set fire to the farm house and shot the woman as a traitor. The two men died in the gunfire while Thom attempted escape. Thom found a loose wall in the back of the house but before kicking it down he heard the screaming and crying of a toddler – against his wishes he reluctantly saved the toddler girl from the house fire and escaped. Thom fled back back to Ft. Smith with the little girl abandoning the war. Thom spent a year with the little girl living day by day to care for the girl, which he named Josie.

Thom left Josie in the care of his mother, breaking his heart, a little girl whom had become his precious daughter. Thom rejoined the war by taking a ride on the Ironclad C.S.S. Texas. Thom immediately went into battle on the ship. The battle was against two ironclads from the Union embargoing the South in the Gulf of Mexico. During the battle, Thom made boarded as a soldier onto the enemy ship taking out many men within gunfire, preventing one of the ships from firing against the C.S.S. Texas. The C.S.S. Texas managed to sink both Ironclads with impressive maneuvering from it’s captain. Thom gained his famed earring for participation as a sailor for his bravery and for saving the C.S.S. Texas. Thom disembarked from the C.S.S. Texas and rejoined his attachment in southern Texas. (History changed from the devil’s tooth scene. Thom had regretted not saving the little girl when he had the chance. Thom gained a daughter and an earring.)

In 1864, Thom became a first lieutenant under Captain Morrison. Thom was an exceptional rider, and was necessary for his particular band of guerrilla fighters. Thom’s first mission as a new Lieutenant was to accompany Gage, a military officer from the British Royal Army to survey the battlefield, an unusual mission as the British Royal Army did not recognize an irregular unit to be part of anything official. This was perhaps a way for the British royal Army to understand what was really happening behind the war to undermine the Union.

Thom Williamson

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