Molly MacCurdy

5'6 135 lbs. 22yrs. and she's from 1973...


Height 5’6"
weight 135
age 22
left handed
profession : bartender

strength 14 – spooky 16
Coordination 15
Observation 11 spooky – 16
Stature 6
Luck 5

Pistol : 5
Drive : 9
Pharmacy : 14
Bartending : 10
Gambling : 14
Riding : 8
Entertainer (singing) : 18
Fast draw : 14
Brawl : 6
Spell casting : 4


Born and raised in new Mexico I grew up used to the difficulties of living in the desert. At the age of 8 my mom was involved in an accident. Although local authorities were pretty sure it was no accident. Raised by my dad I was taught about cars and guns. My grandparents lived on a farm so horses were my best friends well besides Eddie. Good old Eddie he would do just about anything I asked, but I watched out for him. I got in many a fist fight because some idiot was pickin on Eddie. They, didn’t see what hit them, but they left Eddie alone after that.
At 14 daddy had to move away for work I went with him, but I don’t count that because I only lasted 2 weeks. Before he put me on the bus back to grandmas. If you ask Eddie that was the worst 2 weeks of his life though so I couldn’t just leave him here all alone. Eddies dad was a good for nothin drunk and his momma was more scared of that man than an elephant is of a mouse.
I lived with grandma till papa got sick when I was 17, but the one condition for me stayin was that I stayed outta trouble. So I did. I was the perfect child till papa died and granny had to sell the farm. Daddy was going to take it over but granny needed the money because she moved into a small house after that so she wouldn’t have so much to take care of. It was ok with me though I was just finishing high school and had plans to go to college to become a vet. Best part of promising your dad you are going to college is the camaro parked outside your house for you. I made it 2 weeks being a good girl at college. My roommate introduced me the the wonderful thing called weed. I made it through my first year with b’s and c’s. But my second year was not so pretty. I stayed away from the boys though most of them where I went were just jerks. Guess Eddie spoiled me a little. Plus ended up that my roommate got pregnant and had to drop out before the year was up. I told her that was going to happen. Third year I got kicked out after they caught me smokin in the bathroom. Guess I was to stoned to realize that was the deans tolit… Oops.
It’s ok though the day before my dad had called and told me granny died in her sleep the night before hence the being stoned part. Plus side I was able to take an earlier bus home.
Got home balled my eyes out and after the sad stuff was done dad ended up having to go back to Texas for work I promised him I was fine, and since I wasn’t going back to college I got granny’s little house. Got a job workin a local bar… And carved out a nice quiet whole in the world for myself.

Then my whole world got thrown in the dang blender and tossed in a fryin pan…

Molly MacCurdy

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