Irish, Red Hair, Green Eyes, 24, 5'10", Female


Strength — 12
Coordination — 14
Observation — 13
Stature — 14
Luck — 7

Gun Smithing — 14
Fast Draw — 13
Scouting — 17
Riding — 15

Pistol — 4
Rifle — 4
Stealth — 16
Tracking — 13
Brawling — 2

Careful Shot (17)
Steady Shot (10)
Hipshot (7)
Fanfiring (4)


Born to Irish Parents, (Shaun and Rosemary MacGreggor) in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1849. My parents couldn’t have any other children so I was my father dressed and raised me as the son he never had. I dressed like a guy all the time never wearing girlie clothes. He trained me how to build guns and rifles, as well as the ammo and taught me how to fast draw and be accurate in all my shots to not waste bullets. The pistol I built was a mag. 45 (6) shot and the rifle resembled the Winchester Lever-action (15) shot. I really enjoyed practicing with my Pa. He got me a Morgan horse which I trained to do several things that were necessary to help me.
Rusty: horse
Str 22 Cor 12 Int 9 OBS 13 LCK 6 Traits Herding 14 Gunskill 11 Trick 17

One day a gang of out laws road into our homestead. Dad had me to hide in the crawl space of our barn. I watched them kill my parents and they raped my mother before killing her. My horse was in the fields behind our place grazing. They didn’t see her. I right then and there decided to kill them all. So when I was sure they were gone. I got out of crawl space and followed them through several states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Every town I went into and I had problems getting answers, I took care of the problem. If the town was having problems with outlaws in their town, I would kill them, collect fees for that and go on. For some reason people in those towns were more cooperative to answer my questions. I would also replenish my supplies and ammo. Most people thought I was a guy (which was fine with me). I never let my hair out of my hat until I was leaving their town.


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