Gage Alden

British ex-soldier wanting to experience the wild west


Strength— 13
Coordination— 17
Observation— 16 (18)
Stature— 10
Luck— 7

Literacy— 13
Riding— 10
Trading— 16
Tactics— 12
Gunsmithing— 16
Brawling— 1
Pistol— 3
Throwing— 1
Fast Draw— 15


Gage was born in the town of Wales to Reed and Neilsa Alden. Reed was a hard working factory worker who worked 50 or more hours a week to try and keep up with the bills and cost of raising their son. Neilsa stayed at home, raising Gage and keeping him going to school. All was well, until just after Gage’s 12th birthday when the factory cut back on expenses, mainly through employee hours, and Reed suddenly had much less income to bring home. Not wanting to lose their home or be able to provide for Gage, Neilsa offered to get employment to help out. Within a few weeks, Neilsa was bringing in enough money through her job to help with the expenses and more. The Alden family was making it through the rough times hitting the town of Wales. When Gage reached his final year of schooling, everything was looking promising for him to be accepted into a prestige college and get into the banking industry with the outlook to be a bank president someday.
Brimming with pride over his son, Reed decided to give Gage a going away present before entering college and took him to a local prostitution house so Gage would enter college a man. As the father and son entered the house and began talking with the lady of the house, both men witnessed Neilsa coming out of a room with a man at each arm. Completely shocked, Reed grabbed Gage and stormed out, ignoring the crying pleas from Neilsa. Returning home, Reed sat in the living room, not speaking or hardly moving. Finally, Reed asked his son to go to the neighbors’ house and stay there for a few hours. Gage obeyed and left.
For many hours, Gage waited to have his father come get him and bring him home, so that everything would go back to normal. Instead, his mother came to the house in tears and sobbing uncontrollably, grabbing at Gage pulling him toward their house. Gage ran to their home and burst into the living room only to find his father had hung himself, leaving a note saying that Reed was too ashamed to live anymore knowing his wife turned to whoring.
Red with anger, Gage confronted his mother and told her this was her fault and didn’t ever want to see her again. Gage arranged for the burial of his beloved father and decided it was time to leave this country. He turned to the army and signed immediately, asking only that they send him as far away as possible.

Gage joined the Royal Army at the age of 18 and was sent to the States as an observer during the American Civil War. At the end of the war, Gage was transferred to British Canada as a desk clerk. Gage found this job very menial and beneath his skill set. Gage began to hear wild tales of the American wild west and the wild tales of gunfights, barroom brawls, gambling, and other unwholesome activities that the Yanks were doing, so Gage resigned his commission in the Royal Army and moved South into New Mexico.

DOB: 5/3/1847
Place of Birth: Wales
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 170
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Brown

Gage Alden

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