Dusty Dawson

Young but experienced outlaw turned Law dog.


Dusty’s life of crime

San Antonio, Texas – Bank Robery, 1 dead – First planned crime.
Fort Worth, Texas – Stage Coach Robbery, 3 dead
Wichita Falls, Texas – Train Robbery, 5 dead
Fort Griffin, Texas – Murder (though I swear he touched steel first, but I guess that doesn’t matter when he is a lawman), 1 dead
Dodge City, Kansas – Train Robbery (3 times), bank robbery(once) 11 dead total. Picked up a few locals for the gang, but ditched them after the bank robbery.
Denver, Colorado – One of his boys killed a lady and the got out of town. Dusty kicked the shit out of the one who did it.
Victor, Colorado – Protection racket for the Gold Miners – Dusty was almost killed by the one he beat back in Denver, Dusty had to kill him instead. He moved on after that.
Alamosa, Colorado – He drank a lot here after killing one of his own, and ended up botching a train robbery. 12 dead
Settled into Brimstone after that.

Dusty Dawson

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