The Guns Of Brimstone

Session 15

(Alternate Reality)
12:15pm, May 28th

recap: Thom, Gage, Samuel, Juliet, Rosa Lee, and Lillian were at the back of the Church and we saw father Prospero had hung himself. Samuel earlier went into the back and was confronted by a spear “evil dead”. The six of us saw the big hole in the church floor after the church door had been blown open. Thom nearly evaded the sword that was thrust before him and then ran to the back to find Samuel.

The Chapel is completely dark, the bell is still slightly ringing. The church is in dismay. Lillian sees a white cloth. Lillian sees Doc stand in front of the open door. The hinges were splintered, the doors will not close the same way. There are two large piles of dust laying on the floor with metal.

The Doc and his wife don’t look scared about the situation. The white cloth is completely covered in blood. Samuel walks over and uses his strength to cut down Father Prospero. Spooky sense flare when people near the hole in the church floor. Everybody wretches with fear in their stomachs. When Father Prospero was cut down, it turns out that it is actually an older man, not Prospero. His neck was not broken, his face blue, lips, cheeks are blue. Thom says, “He seems to have suffocated first.” The Doc makes an autopsy, rope burn around his neck, his fingernails are stuck in the rope. The rope is from the bell. The doc says, “He was strangled by the bell rope, didn’t have a chance to break his neck.” The man is wearing a sack suit, lower grade wool, and is not a father. This man had not been seen before.

Samuel looks towards the hole in the ground. Lillian looks further and sees the ground starts sloping downwards further into the ground. There is a faint smell of death emanating from the hole. The slope goes towards the South, into the mountains, possibly back towards where the Doc had found the dead McClain. Lillian says, “do you guys think father Prospero went down the hole?” and Doc responds, “Who wants to go down the hole?”. Lillian suggests we use a rope to descend down the slope and doc suggests using a lantern for light along with gear.

The town gets closer to the scene. “Is everything okay in there?”. Lillian asks the town people if anybody knows the man, and nobody knew. Gage moved closer to the hole and sees a mist seeping through the hole and floor and starts to build up to the consistency of dry ice. Doc says, “Everyone reload.” Samuel observes a noise coming the rectory, perhaps something dropping. Samuel moves towards the door with his knife out. Samuel doesn’t detect anything spooky and tries the door and the door swings inward. Inside the room is dark with a red tinge coming through he windows. Samuel hears a tapping on the floor and he looks up towards the ceiling. Samuel sees a blood stains on the ceiling with blood dripping down. suddenly something just moved int he rectory and the bed slightly screeches on the floor. Lillian notices that underneath the bed two eyes blink. Lillian says, “There’s something under the bed.” The room appears to be covered in blood and is now even so noticeable. There is another door a quarter of the way ajar. Samuel moves towards the door and opens the door further, “Father Prospero are you here?”

Suddenly Samuel is attacked (turn based). A child’s hand with horribly clawed fingers comes from beneath the bed. The arm stretches out futher than it should, like elastic, and grapples for samuels ankle. Samuel hits the floor head first and slams his head into the ground. He recieves wounds to his head and turns him lights out. The creature pulls him towards the bed. Lillian shoots at the darkness under the bed hoping to hit the creature. A successful shot hits the creature and a meaty smack is heard, ears are still rininging for everyone. Doc looks over his shoulder. Doc says, “What the hell?”

Thom says, “get back!” to everyone else. thom sees Rosa Lee pull a colt .44 out of her purse and his eyes widen is sudden surprise. Thom says, “Is everyone okay?” gage starts to pull Samuel out from under the bed with some resistance and almsot falls backwards. doc says, “Im fine.” Thom notices that the bullets are not ricochets against the stone floor. Lillian bends before the bed, and looks right into the creatures eyes. Lillian cannot seem to look away and moves forward towards the bed. Gage gets a hold of Lillian and Lillian starts fighting back and attacks Gage. Lillian reaches out a tries to claw Gage. Thom moves into the room with his pistol out. Lillian grabs a hold of of Gage’s face and Gage counters with a slap. Lillian, “What the hell did you do that for?” Gage, “you tried to gouge my eyes out!” Lillian shoots her last two bullets with one successful hit. the creature says, “Alto!” The blood begins pouring down the walls at a greater rate. There is a box on the floor that wasn’t there before. A monkey-like thing launches from the hole in the floor towards the Doc and the Doc attempts to butt the creature away with his scatter gun. A successful hit makes the creature fall to the floor. The creature is gray and brown and has the height of a five year old. the Doc shatters the butt of “Bessie”, turning it into a pistol grip shotgun. The doc looks down and sees the creature was the altar boy, the face has been “leatherfied”, the moisture has been “sucked” out of the boys skin. Lillian moves up towards the creature. The doc notices the creature coming towards him again, point blank range, puts a scatter shot wounding the creature in the face and in the gut, both serious. The boy falls limp. Thom feels something behind and above him, turns around, points up into the darkness towards the feeling and says “come out now!” (At this point Samuel wakes up.) Rosa Lee walks into the church, sees something wispy in her face, and then disappears (Rosa Lee has no chance for spooky sense for a failed roll.) Samuel notices his knife is on the floor next to him.

Thom sees a monkey like shimmering shape by its outline floating around. “What the hell are you?” the wisp fades. “Get the fuck back here.” Darkness assumes its place. Samuel looks into the strong box, and finds nothing, diary still missing. Thom says, “What the hell is going on?”, Samuel responds, “I don’t know, but we need find out what is going on.” The tension leaves the building.

Gage notices the hole has dissapeared fromt he floor and the blood is drying on the walls. Samuel notices his head is not bleeding but has a good knot on his head. Thom gets Gage and Samuel to boos thim up on the rectory. the group discusses what was under the bed. Thom notices a body is not up here. “There’s not a body?”

Doc notices that everyone has run away. Doc yells, “Somebody find us a priest, preferable a live one!” the townspeople runs back. Thom jumps back down with assitance. “We need answers, I need to talk to my fiance, by myself,” speaking to Thom. “Go,” says Thom with a little disgust in his voice.

Spotted wold shows up. “the answers lie with me”
The hopi look very nervous. the group discusses the future of the ritual.

Smauel is walking down the hill towards th town and meets Father McDurmit. Father McDurmit looks pretty rough. “do you have any bullets on you?” Mcdurmit says. Gage shows up behind Samuel. “I got some ammo for you.” Samuel, Gage, and Father Mcdurmit exhange stories about what ahppeneds during the trinity. Everyone departs and Samuel heads towards the parlor.

Samuel walks intot he parlor salon, there are subtle differences are definately noticeable to Samuel. Samuel looks around the room and sees the judge standing behidn the bar tending the bar. Katrina and Tally beaumon dealing the tables. Jesse Turner doens’t have a right arm. People in the parlor look up and briefly greet Samuel with a few waves of thir hands. Katrina is sitting there eith a great deal of chips infront of her. Katrina pulls Samuel down and says “look what I did, I’m taking his money, and I came here from the farmers market.” Katrina pushes the chips towards Samuel, and the dealther says “I’m done, we are all done. Shes done too.” Maybe $500 in chips. “He won’t play me anymore.” Smauel responds, “Maybe we should go back and talk at my place.” “Are you sure you justwant to talk, I think you are just trying to take advantage of me.” Katrina giggles. Katrina takes Samuels hands and leads Samuel down the street towards Samuels house like a little boy smiling. Samuel opens the door for Katrina. Cutscene.

“What happened in here?”, said McDurmit. “Evil happeneded.” doc repsonds whispering. Father McDurmit reaches down and picks up the cross. The world shakes! Mcdurmit takes the cross over to the altar and sets it back on top the altar. McDurmit notices that Father Prospero is missing. Mcdurmit then notices more bodies, the altar bodies and a man nobody knowes. Father Mcdurmit gives the dead beings their last rites.

Smauel swings opent he door, the lamps are burning. Samuel notices the lamps were not burning when he left. Samuel notices throught he window and sees the full moon shining over the mountain. Katrina walks throught he portal, and Samuel reaches out and barely misses her dress. Katrina notices everythign is different. Katrina suspects Samuel of an affair, another woman. Katrina dissapears fter the backdoor opens. Father Prospero walks through the back door. Father Prospero claims its March 14th, 1873. Dead 2 years, shot down by the mad man Cole. Father claims there is 3000 people in Brimstone. Father Prospero slams the door. Katrina reappears fromt he bedroom with a terrified look with daringer in her left hand running towards Samuel, crosses the threshold, and kisses Samuel. Katrina explains that she was in a room with red hoods, and she killed by shooting him in the face. Bullets come flying through the window but sounds like they are being fired from far away. Samuel tells Katrina to not go into the house because he is shutting the door. Samuel closes the door, then reopens the door. Blue lights shine out of the darkness, there is no house, jsut a cave and a tunnel, dead snake stench bolts out of the opening. Samuel hears the slapping of feet on the cave floor.

The Hopi women looking back at the group discussing their problems. Father McDurmit suggests we should take dynamite down and blow the caves so they can’t get out. The Doc explaisn to him that the Doc could become a god if he accepted the offer by the unknown voice.

Katrina faints into Samuels arms and asks Gage to help him. The door to Samuels house swings open, and Curtis Dawson walks out of Samuel’s house. Curtis explains that he was looking for him, says he needs a drink, and walks back in closing the door. Katrina looks at Gage in disbelief whether he is real or not. Katrina lets Samuel know that even though he is not the real Samuel, shes not sure if she cares whether he is or not. Katrina doesn’t know what to say after this point. Samuel finds out that he bought the rights to the cow farm so the gold mine over by the bluff. Katrina asks again whether he is or not the real Samuel.


Samuel explains to Gage that the door is a gateway back or to another place. Hoof beats are heard by both groups from the South. Samuel yells “Merlin!” and his horse veers off the group to Samuel and the rest move back to the stables. Everyone starts to call their horses over.

Session 10

8:30 PM – Northeast of town.
Having successfully rousted the family from their farm, Samuel splits from the Dawsons. Little does he know that Marshals Julliette and Lillian have picked up their trail under the light of the full moon. Sam hears someone coming up from behind and decides to dismont, send his horse on, and hide behind a tree. Soon Victor Porter passes by on horseback, with the marchalls following just a few minutes behind. Unfortunately, Victor’s horse stumbles and throws Victor off. His neck is broken and he passes immediately. The marshalls find Victor and rifle through his horse’s saddlebags and clothes. They find the black hoods and Lillian picks up a bad case of fleas from Victor. Suddenly, a bullet rips through Julliette’s left shoulder. They duck for cover behind some rocks and a game of cat and mouse ensues while they try to bait their assailant into revealing his location. Using the hat on a stick routine the sniper takes the bait, and Lillian zeroes in and puts a round in his gutIt doesn’t take the long to find him and question the dying gunman. He doesn’t reveal much of anything useful and soon expires. They drape Victor across his horse, and head back to town.

11:30 PM – Streets of Brimstone
Marshalls Gage and Williamson are patrolling the town, they see two men in red hoods posting a sign on a door. They confront the men, who run behind Carson’s house residence. Gage follows them, and Williamson moves to head them off. Gage rounds the back of Carson’s to find a gang of seven hooded men. They immediately open fire and Gage takes a round in the stomach. The force of the impact dismounts Gage, and he quickly scrambles behind an outhouse for cover. With their full attention on Gage, the members of the “Vigilance Commitee” fail to notice that Thom has flanked them from behind Sam’s house. He dismounts and fires his pistol, catching one man in the gut and another in the thigh. Surprised, the gang members return fire at Thom, but can’t find their mark. He pulls his rifle, slaps his horse to get it out of the way, and ducks behind Sam’s horse. A storm of bullets ensue as Thom’s accuracy continues to drop two more thugs. Meanwhile, one of the vigilantes looks to finish off Gage, and finds himself in a boxing match with the wounded but tenacious marshall. The remaining thugs engaged with Marshall Williamson run away, while Gage continues to trade blows with his sparring partner. Thom moves to Gage’s aid and dispatches the villain with the butt of his rifle.

As the smoke clears, Mr. Carson runs from his bullet riddled house to see Thom rounding up the wounded survivors. His attempts to interogate them are met with foul retorts. Having little patience left, Thom renders the two of the survivors unconcious, while a third succumbs to his wounds and passes away. Thom and Mr. Carson help Gage and one of the captives to Dr. Beaumont’s office. The good doctor, annoyed at having been roused from sleep for the second time this night, sees to the wounded and stablizes Marshall Alden and the leg shot vigilante, whom Katie recognizes as an employee of the Bar-None Ranch. Satisfied that no one is in danger of dying, the doc heads to the jail where Marshall Williamson has taken the other captive, who suffered an ear wound. Marshall Williamson and Father McDermitt head to the undertaker to ask a few questions.

1 am – Northeast of Brimstone
Having decided the coast is finally clear, Sam decides to leave the trees and heads for town. Realizing he’s close to the group’s claim, he heads there to give himself an aliby. He finds Slay’s men, Manuel and two other Mexicans working the mine. Manuel proceeds to question him on why he’s there so late at night. Sam replies that he’s just been walking around town and decided to check in on him. Manuel doesn’t believe him, but can’t find a reason to think he’s trying to steal gold, so he lets the issue slide. Sam convinces Manuel to take a break, and they all head back to town. They are soon intercepted by Juliet and Lillian. Not suspecting Sam of any foul play, they all continue to town. Manuel checks into his hotel room, while the marshalls head to Mr. Choe’s livery. They ask Mr. Choe if Victor’s horse looks familliar, who responds that the horse probably came from the Bar-None ranch.

Juliet retires to her home, while Sam and Lillian head to the Orient saloon for a night cap. Lillian brings up the subject of the displaced family, and Sam plays dumb. Mr. Bowman asks if the Marshalls know who is responsible, to which Lillian says, “no”. Rowland Smith breaks in and flirts with Marshall Lightfoot. He successfully arranges a picnic luncheon with her scheduled for 2pm later that day.

Meanwhile, Juliet’s slumber is abruptly interrupted by a red hooded man boasting foul garlic-breath. He grabs her by her hair and lets her know that the Marshall’s are no longer welcome in town and if they stay any longer, they’ll not survive long. He then leaves, and Juliet tries to follow him, but can’t pick up his trail, so she fires her pistol in the air. The whole town hears the shot and Marshall Williamson’s reply, “Goddammit! What the hell is wrong with this town?”

3:30 PM – Brimstone
Marshall Williamson and Father McDermitt speak with the undertaker, who is furious about the sudden influx of business at odd hours of the night. Thom expresses his desire to see the town flourish and law and order restored, which impresses the undertaker. Having heard Juliet’s shot, they run off to see what’s going on. At the jailhouse, Doc Buckshot talks with Chet Phelps, one of the red-hoods. He promises to look after Chet’s belongings and having made sure his wounds are tended to, he heads to find Lillian.

Session 8 or 9?

7:00 pm

Thom, Lillian, Red, Juliette,Gage, and Samuel eat dinner at Hoffenbrau. Brinkley and Doc Buckshot step out onto the porch. They discuss the future of Brinkley’s printing press and he apologizes to the Doc. for how he acted when he found that Katie was to be married to the Doc. In the end Brinkley offers to post a small add in the “Devil’s Advocate” for the Doc as a way to make things kosher between them again. After they bid a good evening to one another Doc Buckshot comes back in and joins Katy.

On the way to the meeting, Mr. Cho confronts Marshal Thom on the case of his 53 missing horses. Mr. Cho tells Thom that he “has nose up ass” and demands that his horses be returned now. Mr. Thom calms Mr. Cho and tells him we, the Marshals, are on the case and that we have not forgotten him.

The Marshals, Thom, Lillian, Julliette, Gage, and Samuel, all arrive at McCurty’s for the meeting. Twins Fredrick and Franklyn meet everyone on the front porch. They step aside allowing the marshals to enter. Two boxes sit on either side of the door, later we find out that they are for voting on laws and who we want to run for Mayor.

Antonio and Leona Lopez approach the Parlour Saloon. Antonio is obviously very drunk.
Taggart soon joins the meeting. Unexpectedly.
Madame Kate also shows up, immaculately dressed and bothered by all the fuss.
McCurty warns the Marshals that he isn’t sure what to expect from this meeting.

Judge Callous calls the meeting to order.

He believes the town of Messia should no longer be the county seat of Dona Anna County. That Brimstone should be county seat and in the future become the state’s capital. First we need to better the town. Callous proposed that we start by allowing newcomers to buy property. That everyone who owns property should be taxed on that property. Julliette strongly disagreed with taxing people for their land. She stated that the people of tent city are to poor to afford taxes due to the fact that most of them don’t have jobs. Kate and Leona also did not agree with Callous’s ideas for other reasons.
Henry Wilson finally joins the meeting, absolutely filthy and still recovering from his drunken state. Mr. Wilson sits next to Taggart after being scolded for being late and causing a scene by McCurty.

McCurty voices his opinion on how everyone thinks he’s being unfair.
Gage brings up the matter of our current “Supernatural Vermin” problem. Questions arise along with surprise of this news from the mines.
Parceling of the land was voted on. Discussion of who is going to run for mayor was also discussed. These issues weren’t settled.
Slay also introduces Roland Smith of the Orient Saloon.
Judge Callous brings up that we need a court house and suggests that the town has one built. Everyone votes against it. Lillian suggests using one of the buildings already in existence for a court house to save on cost. Everyone except Judge Callous agreed with that.
Final thought was that the Marshals need to be doing a better job and solve the cases pending.
Meeting is adjourned. After the meeting lets out Judge Callous joins the twins and discuss matters.

Sirus Slay meets up with Samuel Cross and tells him the next job he wants done.
To BE Continued….

Session 7
8:00 o’clock Evening. Earlier today a man by the name of Mr. Calous came into town today. He was accompanied by four of his men all of them wore fine clothing and badges. Haven’t seen much of those stripped pants, it must be a southern thing. Clem was with him, recognized him right off as he stuck out like a sore thumb. He looked sheepish in a way, probably up to no good as usual. Heard this Calous fellow is a judge from El Paso, not to sure of him but he seems upstanding, only time will tell. Looks like Brinkly got caught snooping again by one of the men Marshals. He has a knack for sticking his nose deep into trouble. But his stories are amusing and informative. Went to McCurty’s tonight for a drink and heard some more distressing news, apparently Mr. Cho had some fifty-three horses stolen and Mr. Taggart also had some very fine, very expensive cargo stolen too. Some of his men and stock were killed in the fray. His right hand Tabius Spencer brought the grim news to him. I would not want to be in his shoes at the moment. What is this town coming too? I hope that these marshals are able to handle their duties and find these thieves before something else comes up missing. While I was at McCurty’s tonight the women marshals Juliette and Lillian came in, I hoped they were there to investigate the evil that’s underfoot. I always do admire them. To take on a man’s job like that and keep their composure is something else. Sounds like Lillian had a man friend that has gone missing too; hope he’s not another casualty like some have been in the past. They soon left, hopefully headed out to investigate.

If there is anything I’ve missed please let me know and I will add it.



13 March 1873

Previously, Thom, Gage, Juliette, and Lillian investigated the recently arrived wagon train located at Tent City; a coalition of Cornelius Taggart and the Spencer Brothers destroyed the Marshall’s Building, leaving the prisoners and Samuel Cross presumed killed; Juliette was attacked by Archibald Spencer, but reinforced by Lillian and Jackson, ending in the severe wounding and capture of Archibald; Thom and Gage discovered possible contraband in the form of whiskey and survived victorious a confrontation against a numerically superior force belonging to ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; the lawmen determined the relationship between Taggart and ‘Shotgun’ Slay; aborted the arrest of MacCurdy and released ‘Shotgun’ Slay during a failed confrontation with ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; Marshall Cole bravely (and with high intensity) engaged ‘Shotgun’ Slay at MacCurdy’s Saloon, but was severely wounded, resulting in the cancellation of a council meeting covering a proposed election; observed the predicament of Mrs. Wilson as she walked through the streets of Brimstone alone and naked; and investigated the basement of Building 39.

thus begins the fourth session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the early morning dawn


Juliette, Lillian, and a severely wounded (but recklessly brave) Marshall Cole continued to rest and recover while maintaining their watch over the captured Archibald Spencer. Lissa arrived with food and discussed Mrs. Wilson’s gambling issue. Additionally, she noted the worry regarding the elections and the destroyed Marshall’s Building.

Soon, over a dozen gunmen thundered into the town of Brimstone, approaching Doc’s house. Three men in dark suits, sporting dark hair and pale skin confronted Lillian and the rest of the lawmen located inside the house.

The ugly Spencer yelled, “We’ve come for my brother’. Overwhelmed, the large party of men muscled their way unopposed into the house and carried out their wounded brother, Archibald Spencer.

Outside, Billy Spencer demanded, “I want that bitch’s ear!”

Juliette replied, “We tried to care for the guy.”

Immediately, gunfire erupted, originating from the barrel of Juliette’s pistol. The lawmen drew first blood, framing the bloody events that would soon follow.


Meanwhile, ‘Buckshot’ blasted the solid door in the basement of Building 39, reminding all present of the sincerity of his nickname. Confirmed was the smell of dead snakes beyond. Overhead, the sound of numerous hooves pounding the soft earth alerted the lawmen of the unexpected situation above. At the sound of gunfire, ‘Buckshot’, Thom, Gage, and Jackson rushed upstairs to determine what was happening.


Juliette initiated combat, killing Billy Spencer by striking him through the heart. Lillian quickly pulled Juliette inside while Marshall Cole barricaded the interior, establishing an effective but hasty defense. A Spencer gunman is blasted by Marshall Cole in the arm and falls to the ground. Thom, leaving the basement and taking up position at a window within Building 39, sniped a gunman in the gut. Thom then shot a gunman in the arm. Jackson killed a gunman, blasting his head. Marshall Cole killed Franklin Spencer. Thom killed Elias Spencer. Jackson inflicted a serious wound to the head of a gunman. Thom scored a hit to a gunman’s gut. ‘Buckshot’ wounded a gunman, knocking him unconscious.

Behind the house, Juliette and Lillian attempted to move Lillian to safety, but instead identified a group of six men – members of Dawson’s Gang, working for ‘Shotgun’ Slay – blocking the way in the adjacent woodline. Julliete fired at one of the Dawson gunmen during the confusion of battle, though the Dawsons had not yet engaged in combat. Lillian killed the wounded Dawson gunman – ‘Arizona’ Elias.

Back at the front of the house, four of the Spencer gunmen fled the battle. Jackson killed one of the Spencer gunmen – another headshot. Gage killed another Spencer gunman. Cole’s wounds reopened in the heat of battle, but he kept fighting. Juliette sustained a serious wound to the chest; Lillian also sustained a serious wound to the chest. The Dawson Gang departed, acknowledging the accidental killing of one of their gang.

The battle concluded… all members of the Spencer Gang was killed, captured, or fled. Clearing the battlefield, numerous weapons (8x rifles and 16x pistols) were collected. Also, Archibald Spencer was found with a bullet to the head, assassinated by an unknown agent, possibly the tying up of a loose end by the dead man’s employer – Cornelius Taggart.

Patching up the wounded, ‘Buckshot’ nearly killed Lillian [no, seriously!!!], who eventually recovered. Jackson ordered one of the locals to fetch the other town doctor. Juliette ordered the townsfolk to repair the Marshall’s Building.


‘Buckshot’ and Gage engaged the Town’s Undertaker. Confirmed were the identity of Dirty Barney (the Dipper’s bartender), Charlie Bowler (‘Shotgun’ Slay’s Bowler Indian), Harper (the tent runner), an unidentified gunman, and Sam Galls – victims of the destroyed Marshall’s Building. No evidence of Samuel Cross’s body [Brett] was found, though he continues to be presumed dead – a sad but tasty marshmallow.


Jackson, Thom, and Gage moved toward Taggart’s Mine, intending to confront Taggart. En route, a group of miners passed the lawmen. One miner reported that the Caliente Mine was flooded, though reasons were unknown. He was then hired as a native guide by Jackson for a steep sum of money; moments later, directions were found posted in the most obvious way, identifying the location of Taggart’s Mine and embarrassing Jackson. The native guide was then released and the lawmen continued.

Two empty shacks – used as guard posts – were found empty. Also, a dried out sluice was identified by Thom. Further up the mountain, a solid door was found, though no way in from the outside was discovered. Even further up the mountain was a large hole in the ground, leading downward, and measuring 10 feet in diameter. An elevator of some sort, accompanied by the whining noise of gears and cable, faded into the darkness below.

Jackson tossed a heavy rock down the hole, without response. He then fired a shot, this time with a quick and heavy response by the men holed up inside, beyond the solid door located further down the mountain.

Responding to the shot fired by Jackson, eight professional looking men (equipped with cavalry boots, spurs, charcoal gray clothing, and Henry ‘73 precision rifles) confronted the lawmen. They recognized the lawmen as Brimstone Marshalls. Informed of the intent to engage Taggart, the men responded that he was in town, inquiring about the unresolved election issue. Shortly thereafter, Thom insulted the riflemen, nearly getting the small group killed. Thom, Gage, and Jackson then quickly retired, moving back down the mountain and toward the town.


Juliette, Lillian, and Marshall Cole escorted Lissa (who seemed unfazed by the recent battle) back to Kate’s. On site, MacCurdy arrived (unexpectedly and at the most peculiar times and situations), excitedly claiming that the railroad was coming to Brimstone. He then offered 10 United States dollars for every jailed criminal that the lawmen produced.


Katie arrived at Doc’s shell of a house. She described her story, about a man named Richard McClane and their (eventual?) marriage. Richard was to meet her at Brimstone, but when Katie arrived, he was nowhere to be found. Without a husband (missing for seven months now, and destined to be an engineer for Taggart), and without a school to offer her employment, she resorted to a life of prostitution in order to support herself.

thus ends the fourth session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the balmy late afternoon



12 March 1873

Previously, the lawmen arrested and jailed a drunk, young man named Sam Galls outside MacCurdy’s Saloon; released Red from Tascosa after a crippling fine of 450 United States dollars paid by Tom Riley; joined forces with two recent newcomers – ‘Doc’ Beaumont and Lillian the half-breed Kiowa scout; raided the Dipper Bar during ‘Shotgun’ Slay’s absence, killing and capturing several of his men including the Bowler Indian and the beer-bellied bartender; granted ‘Doc’ Beaumont a second nickname of ‘Buckshot’ for his lethal actions during the raid; recognized Marshall Cole’s valiant effort during the raid, resulting in the incapacitation of the Bowler Indian; threatened to execute and poison the prisoners; learned of the imminent arrival of a man named ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan, a potential ally of ‘Shotgun’ Slay; insulted their employer, MacCurdy; released and hired Sam Galls in anticipation of retaliation by ‘Shotgun’ Slay at the Marshall’s building; investigated another recent newcomer immaculately dressed in a gray suit and carrying four pistols; passed the night at the Marshall’s building, which was not attacked; accidentally killed the gray-suited man, earning ‘Doc’ Beaumont ‘Buckshot’ a third nickname, ‘Doctor Death’; discovered a train of wagons in vicinity of Tent City, organized and led by the aforementioned man, ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; and treated (but nearly killing) ‘Cactus’ Curtis Dawson for wounds suffered while intoxicated.

thus begins the third session on the second day, 12 March 1873, during the heat of high noon


Thom and Gage observe a group of wagons in vicinity of Tent City, identifying three men. They walk by but give the two lawmen a hostile stare.


Meanwhile, Juliette and Lillian conduct a reconnaissance of the same group of wagons. The girls identify several whites and Indians, noticing their veteran appearance and the smell of ‘growler’.


Thom and Gage linked up with Juliette and Lillian. While the wagoneers ignored the lawmen, Thom thinks he recognized one of them as a former guerrilla.


The building was destroyed, probably through kerosene and munitions located underneath the floor, emplaced during the fortification and repair by Wilson the carpenter. Jackson and Cole regroup, seeking out potential arsons; Lillian attempted to put out the fire in order to secure the prisoners locked within, but to no avail. The building is lost and the prisoners, as well as some lawmen to include [Brett] and Sam Galls, presumed killed.

On site is ‘Shotgun’ Slay, shook up and angry, demonstrating concern for his boys, recently imprisoned.

Gage said, “looks like we killed Slay’s boy”.

Marshall Cole arrested ‘Shotgun’ Slay, confiscating his many shotguns and knives.


In response to the destruction of the Marshall’s Building, Juliette approached it, but is interdicted by a man wearing a black suit and a circular brimmed hat. He flashed Juliette with his pistol, threatening her life. Juliette recalled the man in black as one who torched her childhood home, killing her family.


Instead of regrouping at the Marshall’s Building, Thom and Gage remained at the wagons, continuing their investigation. Whiskey is discovered, but they are confronted by several of the wagoneers including two Mexicans and two whites. Outnumbered, the lawmen refused to back down.

After several tense moments, Thom declared, “I draw”.

Gage killed Jose and one of the whites while the remaining white ran away. Thom, failing to strike a single target with his pistol, nevertheless forced Pablo to surrender.


Lillian noticed Juliette’s distress and ceased her attempt to put out the fire. Minutes later, she reinforced Juliette. Together, they wounded the man in the black suit and the circular brimmed hat, forcing him to retreat around large rocks and into heavy woods.

Jackson Smith also noticed Juliette’s distress, and joined her and Lillian moments later. Approaching the man in black from another direction around the large rocks, he fired into the woods where a trail of blood led. Four of five bullets struck the man, who is soon discovered to be Archibald Spencer. Although severely wounded, the three patched up the wounded Spencer, and secured him.

Marshall Cole, with ‘Shotgun’ Slay cuffed, arrived to assist.


Jackson discovered that Archibald smelled like kerosene, and was located close to the recently destroyed Marshall’s Building. Thom suggested, with great insight, that miners would most likely have access to explosives. Evidence pieced together, the lawmen concluded that Taggart, a mine owner, planned and executed the destruction of the Marshall’s Building with the assistance of Archibald Spencer.

Taggart and ‘Shotgun’ Slay compete for the same turf, i.e. whiskey, gunrunning, and possibly white slavery. Incentivized by the incarceration of Slay’s men at the Marshall’s Building, Taggart had several reasons for destroying the building.

‘Colorado’ Bill Logan owed ‘Shotgun’ Slay money. Their relationship is based on commerce, not loyalty, and could be turned.


Returning to Tent City, the lawmen, several of whom are wounded and exhausted (with an arrested ‘Shotgun’ Slay in tow) regrouped in vicinity of the wagon train. Additionally, now present is ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan, reinforced by 11 gunmen. Finally, MacCurdy arrived on site. Altogether, most of the town’s important people – excluding Taggart – are located together in a very small area. Tension is extreme.

‘Colorado’ Bill Logan claimed that the whiskey was destined for Kate’s. Marshall Cole attempted to arrest MacCurdy. ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan intervened, and the rest of the lawmen agreed that there is not enough evidence for additional arrests. Ultimately, no further arrests were made and ‘Shotgun’ Slay is released, though his weapons remain confiscated.


During the recent, tense meeting at the wagons, ‘Shotgun’ Slay proposed an election, forcing a council meeting at MacCurdy’s Saloon. On site were several council members, including MacCurdy, Cornelius Taggart (who looks like Boris Karloff), Mrs Simons (a merchant), Kate (a less reputable merchant), and an old Mexican guy.

Outside in the street is ‘Shotgun’ Slay, posted atop a wagon, loudly proposing (to a large congregation of local citizens) the dissolution of the Citizen’s Committee. Moreover, while addressing the increasingly frenzied citizens, he announced his bid for the office of the Brimstone Sherriff.

Marshall Cole intervened, engaging ‘Shotgun’ Slay in a duel. Although Cole is seriously wounded, he survived to fight another day. The council meeting was cancelled and the duel concluded. No resolution was achieved, and the elections remained up in the air.


The lawmen assembled at Buckshot’s house, patching up wounds and resting. At 3:00 AM the following morning, Lillian is on watch. Outside, she noticed six men, including ‘Cactus’ Curtis Dawson, and another man – tall, wearing a top hat, and smoking a cigar – watching the house. Shortly thereafter, the men leave.

Later, Lillian, along with Doc and Juliette are awakened. From inside, they observed a woman (leaving a nearby building – number 39), dressed in white robes and carrying an unidentified object (future: by Session Five, the object may be determined to be a statue), and moving toward Tent City. Exiting Doc’s house, they engaged the woman, who was nude, frightened, and bruised, holding her dress. The woman is identified as Wilson’s wife, the third most beautiful woman in Brimstone. She claimed that she owed ‘Shotgun’ Slay over 5,000 United States dollars.


By dawn several of the lawmen investigated the building recently vacated by Mrs. Wilson. Inside, the house was found abandoned. There was a faint smell of fried chicken. Upstairs, Doc found trash and empty bottles. Downstairs, Jackson, Gage, and Thom discovered a collection of posted flags and a table with ropes fastened to it. Additionally, within the basement was a solid door leading to an unknown location, though a strong smell of dead snakes appeared to originate beyond it.

The room was spooky, and the lawmen wondered what Mrs. Wilson encountered down here.

thus ends the third session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the early morning dawn



11 March 1873

Previously, the party arrived in Brimstone, eating and conversing though breakfast; intervened in a street fight, arresting Red; occupied an abandoned and ransacked Marshall’s Building; interrogated Red with little success; met and were deputized by James MacCurdy; learned of Juliette’s checkered past; learned of MacCurdy’s ally, Taggart the mine owner; persuaded Wilson the carpenter to repair and fortify the Marshall’s Building; patrolled Brimstone and Tent City; engaged Cyrus “Shotgun” Slay in the dark heart of his own territory; spotted several of Slay’s men behaving suspiciously; and investigated the arson of Noland’s Flophouse.

thus begins the second session on the same day, 11 March 1873, at 3:30 in the afternoon


Sounds of gunfire and yelling erupted near MacCurdy’s Saloon. Arriving to investigate, Jackson and Cole interrupted a young, fairly clean, but very drunk man shooting off a new, five-dollar pistol. The young man, Sam Galls, was out of control, and was arrested and jailed by the Marshall. Following a brief interrogation and the eventual release of Red upon receipt of 450 dollar fine paid in full by Tom Riley, the lawmen and woman resumed their (divided) patrols of Brimstone.

Gage made fun of somebody.


Doc Beaumont and Lillian the Kiowa Indian half-breed arrived in town. Doc secured a house for his practice while Jackson spotted and engaged Lillian, learning a little of her background.


While gathering information, news of Slay’s absence prompted Jackson and Cole to confront the rough men of Tent City while their leader was gone. Gage, Doc and his shotgun, and Lillian, joined them as they made their way to the Dipper Bar, previously identified by Juliette as a hangout of Slay and his gang.

Upon arrival, Gage, Doc, and Lillian posted themselves outside the Dipper Bar, securing the outside, while Cole and Jackson entered the front entrance of the bar, balls swinging. Additionally, concluding her brief patrol on the outskirts of Brimstone, Juliette arrived and joined the others.

Tension spiked; Jackson and Cole sensed danger as they entered the bar. Inside, an Indian wearing a bowler hat (and three of his allies) confronted the Marshall. He had been spotted earlier, but until now had remained elusive. Although outnumbered, Cole, unused to being challenged, exercised his authority but provoked the Indian into drawing his pistol and shooting.

The Indian fired, but failed to inflict any serious wounds. Cole reacted, shooting from the hip, and ultimately blew the Indian’s nose off, forcing the leader of the group to disengage. Jackson fired, but only wounded one of them, which was followed by blasts of a double barreled shotgun fired by the bartender, the beer-bellied man with the under-sized shirt. Meanwhile, one the Indian’s allies – the Tent Runner – attempted to run away, but failed.

Then, the rest of the group acted, forcing their way into the bar and concluded the fight when Doc destroyed the face of one of the gunmen with his shotgun, earning the nickname, “Buckshot”. Dead or broken, the men who had challenged Marshall Cole surrendered.


The prisoners secured, debate swirled on what to do with them. Calls for executions were argued, but ultimately continued imprisonment was settled upon until a Judge could be found to conduct a fair trial. Information was gathered, including threats of the arrival of Colorado Bill Logan. Unexpectedly (again), MacCurdy arrived, but departed soon after following Juliette’s accusations of suspicious activity.

Expecting an attack by Slay later today, Sam Galls is released and hired on as a defender. Juliette returns his five-dollar pistol.


Slay engaged Doc alone, offering to hire him in exchange for his services.

CURTIS (10:00 PM):

At some point, the lawmen and women had spotted an immaculately dressed man in a gray suit and armed with four pistols. Believing this man was Colorado Bill, the group intended to investigate him further. Thus, Juliette tasked out and followed a boy named Curtis, subsequently discovering some sort of relationship between MacCurdy and the gray-suit man.


A distant lightning storm approached the town of Brimstone. Having successfully challenged and jailing several of Slay’s men, the lawmen prepared for a showdown at the recently repaired and fortified Marshall’s Building.

KATE’S (10:30 PM):

Doc had a little fun, and sent the rest of the group a message and food by way of Lissa.


Lissa arrived with food and information from Doc. En route, Lissa spotted six men, including one wearing a felt hat, walking the streets while drunk. One of them, Curtis Dawson, fell off the bluff and into a cactus.

After eating, the girls departed to sleep in the next building while Jackson, Cole, Gage, and the other men stood watch as the rain begins to fall.


The man in the immaculate gray suit, now wounded and seeking medical treatment, engaged Doc as he walked toward his home. He is accidentally killed, earning Doc a second nickname, “Doctor Death”, and recognized as the group’s most lethal member.


Slay and his remaining boys failed to attack.


The rain stopped by morning, leaving the streets muddy and miserable. Juliette and Lillian stopped by but eventually left the Marshall’s Building seeking new information, reaching the outskirts of Tent City. On site they discovered five wagons, stacked rifles nearby, and the smell of growler; however, they failed to catch site of any men.


Doc treats Curtis Dawson for cactus wounds.

thus ends the second session on the second day, 12 March 1873, during the heat of high noon



11 March 1873

Brimstone, populated by approximately 400 people, is a rough town on the verge of a boom, though the absence of rail and legitimate law men prevent this. At least two competing factions exist, fighting for control of the town and the right to guide its future.

Tent City, an area of Brimstone, is a ghetto filled with orphans, veterans of the Civil War, and criminals. Here, Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay, maintains his criminal operations.


Marshall Cole and Jackson Smith, long-time friends, enter the restaurant looking for breakfast. Inside they notice other small groups of diners, including Juliette and Gage; (Brett) and Thom Williams. During this time, Juliette and others discuss local news with Hoffsbrau and his wife, both of German descent.

They learn of two bad men. The first, Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay, is the illegitimate powerbroker of Tent City. Competing with James McCurdy, the leader of the good citizens of Brimstone, Slay is known to run guns and whiskey in exchange for money and power. He wears a bowler hat topped off with a pheasant feather, a union jacket despite having fought for the Confederacy, and carries two shotguns. He is a smart but ruthless man.

The second, a man known as Billy Spencer, a former Confederate guerrilla and rapist, may be associated with ‘Shotgun’ Slay, though Hoffsbrau claims that he had recently left town, heading southward. Juliette seems most interested in him.


Outside the restaurant, sounds of a brawl interrupted breakfast and conversations. Immediately, Marshall Cole investigated, running outside and identifying two drunken men fighting it out in the dusty street. Separating the two men, Cole reestablished order, shocking all involved. Law and order are not a part of this town.

Confronting the more aggressive of the fighters, Red from Tascosa, Cole provoked a knife attack, but easily pacifies the situation. Instead, Red is arrested and cuffed, the first act of law this town had seen in a long time.

As Cole proceeded to take Red to the Marshall’s Building, Jackson observes three rough-looking men leave the area and make their way towards Tent City. Shortly thereafter, Jackson followed Cole and his prisoner, covering his friend’s back. The other diners dispersed, some following further behind Cole.


At the Marshal’s Building, both Jackson and Cole discovered a ransacked and abandoned law office. There is no Marshall in Brimstone. After a quick search, a key to the cells and a case filled with three shotguns is found, offering the newcomers a means toward reestablishing law.

After some clumsy, painful attempts at interrogating Red, little information was pulled. In time, other Hoffsbrau’s diners had caught up with Jackson and Cole, interested in recent events and in helping reestablish law. Some, though, have come to town looking for revenge.

Eventually, James McCurdy (Chairman of the Citizen’s Committee; a tall, large man often short of breath), escorted by several others (including a man named Clem), arrived unexpectedly at the Marshall’s Building. After a brief introduction, the newcomers are deputized and charged with civilizing the town.

During this time, Jackson also learned that Juliette had killed three men outside of Abilene, though no reason and background was given.

Before leaving, McCurdy handed out badges and a key to the case of shotguns and promised to send a carpenter, a man named Wilson, to assist in the repair and fortification of the rundown building.


Hungry, the newly established party of law men and woman split up. Jackson and Cole make their way towards McCurdy’s Saloon while Juliette and the others sought out food and information.


Arriving at the Saloon, Jackson and Cole conversed with Clem, one of McCurdy’s boys (charged to act in any capacity). They learned that McCurdy was not available but visiting a man named Taggart, who runs a mine. Additionally, Cole asked about Wilson the carpenter, who had not yet arrived to work on the Marshall’s Building.


Expecting trouble but finding none, Jackson and Cole arrived at Wilson’s house. Inside was Wilson, too scared to work (as a result of his wife’s large gambling debt to ‘Shotgun’ Slay) in support of the new law enforcers. Then, McCurdy arrived (again, unexpectedly) and influenced Wilson. Reinforcing McCurdy’s orders, Jackson also offered a small cash layout and a promise of more. Wilson hesitantly agreed and proceeded to repair and fortify the Marshall’s Building.


Meanwhile, Juliette and the others patrolled Brimstone in order to establish presence, gain local awareness, and engage the most dangerous man in town — Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay.


Juliette and the others spotted the three men who had left during Marshall Cole’s arrest of Red from Tascosa.


Leaving the restaurant, Juliette and the others walked casually into the heart of Slay’s territory along filthy, muddy streets. There, she handed out food to some of the orphan children. In consequence, friendship and future cooperation (in the form of spying) was earned. Furthermore, confirmation on where some of the local citizens stood in their loyalties, by way of hostile stares, was learned. Finally, the people of Tent City and Brimstone had no choice but to accept this unusual intrusion of law.


Continuing on through the streets of Tent City, they found Slay sitting outside the Dipper Bar, drinking. Serving Slay is a fat bartender, easily recognized by a large beer-belly partially covered by an under-sized shirt. Slay drank alone. In spite of the tense situation, Juliette introduced herself, confronting him on his own ground, and doing so without fear while her allies watched her back. Although Slay reacted in a civilized manner, he also portrayed a strange combination of courtesy and danger.


Meanwhile, after having failed to pay his ‘insurance’ to Slay, Noland (owner of Noland’s Flophouse) burned to the ground. In reaction, the recently deputized law men and woman arrived on site to investigate, consolidating the party. Apparently, several miners were amongst the dead and burned, though nothing further was discovered.

thus ends the first session on the same day, 11 March 1873, at 3:30 in the afternoon

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