Manuel Herrera y Cabeza de Vaca de Chihuahua


Formerly a foreman at the Caliente mine. When the Marshals asked Miss Simons for a guide through a mine, she recommended Manuel. The Marshals convinced him that they were going mining, but in fact were spelunking through the caves beneath the MacLane residence. At first he protested the deceit, but relented when they offered to triple his fee. He was instrumental in the exploration and escape from the “Chupacabras” which inhabit the horrific caves.

Manuel began behaving strangely, however, upon discovering a rich vein of gold in the caves. He seemed like a man possessed with the greed of all of the Conquistadors at once in his unrelenting pursuit of gold. Although that greed allowed the group to escape, he hasn’t relented in his quest for gold. The only thing that stops him is his fear of the supernatural forces below.

During the incident with the ghost near the cemetery, Manuel discovered a vein of gold on the bluffs nearby to the north. He became partners with the Marshals, Doc Buckshot, and Cyrus Slay in the claim that was filed on the gold strike.

Manuel Herrera y Cabeza de Vaca de Chihuahua

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