Kiowa/White cross who is a freelance scout/tracker.


She is 5’6 tall. Long flowing black hair that cascades down to the middle of her back. Light brown eyes. Light tan skin. Lillian favors her Kiowa bloodline more than the white.
Handedness: Right, Age:20, She is of medium build,an hourglass figure and weighs 165 lbs.

Strength: 10, Coordination: 20, Observation: 13, Spooky Sense:14 Stature: 16, Luck: 9.

A Careful Shot: 22, Steady Shot: 12, Hip Shot: 7, Fanfiring: 2.

She has a Colt Pistol. Skill: 3, Speed: fast, Short Dist: 10, Long Dist: 20, Extreme Dist: 60.
Reload: 3

Kola: Her horse companion.
Buckskin Quarter Horse/Kiger Mustang Cross, gelding. He has a tawny gold coat with black tipped ears, legs and muzzle and a small white star between his eyes. His mane and tail are Black/brown. He also sports the tiger stripping on his hind legs. He is spirited and loves a good joke. His Strength is: 18, Coordination: 17, Intelligence: 6, Observation: 15, and his luck is: 7. Other skills include Swimming: 10, Cutting: 12, Gun: 10, Tricks: 12.


Mother Lulu “Runs with Fists” was kidnapped at the age of 10 by a raiding Kiowa party. She was raised by the Head Warrior “True Strike” and his family. When she was 17 she married Swift Feet, younger brother of Adoette “Big Tree”. A year later Lightfoot was born. Her mother named her Lillian in honor of her Irish heritage, while her father and the elders gave her the name Lightfoot when she was older, after proving that she could track and scout with the best of them. Being a woman though she was not ever aloud to hunt or fight for the tribe. But that rarely stopped her from using these skills for more mischievous ways when she was a child. When she was 16 a war party of Mescalaro Apache attacked her camp killing her mother, True Strike, his family, 2 elders, and two other chiefs of the time. Lightfoot killed the Apache warrior who had slain her mother. That only fueled her desire to fight and help protect her people more.
Soon Adoette and Swift Feet took over the lead positions, Adoette being the head chief and Swift Feet peace chief. One warm afternoon, three weeks after the Apache attack, she was sitting on a high bluff when she noticed a troop of white soldiers making their way slowly towards her. She instantly seemed to melt into the grass as she watched them, like a hunting cat would. Deciding that she needed to further investigate she inched down the slope, careful to not be noticed. Lightfoot got close enough to smell them, which still wasn’t close enough for them to see her. They reeked of body oder, at least two weeks worth. She wrinkled her nose continuing to keep quiet and tried to block it out so she could hear what they were saying. She found she couldn’t understand them at all and wondered what type of language they spoke and even what they were talking about. They soon stopped for the night less than a mile from the bluff that she had been sitting on.
Lightfoot swallowed a hard lump in her throat. “What if these men bring harm to my family? I need to let father know” she thought to herself. She set off quietly, carefully back up the bluff and when she was out of site she ran back towards her camp. She met a worried Anoki midway and told her half-brother everything she had just seen.
He explained to her that she was in trouble for being gone so long. Swift Feet had sent him out to hunt for her. Soon they were both back home and Lightfoot told her father everything. He rallied the warriors and the elders together to decide the fate of the newcomers. It was decided they would kill the newcomers before the newcomers had a chance to kill them. Early that next morning before the sun had even broke the sky the war party set out and made short work of the white warriors. Twenty of the thirty-five young Kiowan warriors were lost, there was no one left of the white warriors. So they thought. Early the next day Lightfoot went down to inspect the carnage herself. She was inspecting a man with sandy blonde hair that was matted with blood and who knows what else, when he touched her hand, she nearly jumped out of her skin. That man turned out to be Lieutenant William Jackson of the West Missouri Volunteers.
After she regained her composure she very slowly walked over to him and knelt down. When she realized that the man had in fact survived she found a small cave to keep him in, knowing full well that her father would kill him on sight. As his wounds healed and he became stronger so did their friendship. He spoke of his family to her and she longed to meet this family as well as the others.
Lightfoot decided that it might be a good move to learn the white-man’s ways and seek employment with them, so that she could rid her people of the Mescalaro Apaches once and for all. When they reached the trading post/fort she met some of his comrades a Comanche man by the name of Jack ‘Whitebear’ and his Cherokee wife named Calm Wind or Mary as everyone else knew her. They along with William taught her how to read, write and speak english. Living in the fort taught her how white man thought both the good and the bad.
She ran across one man who seemed to have a grudge from day one. Lightfoot believed him to be crazy or cursed and did her best to avoid him. Everyone knew him as Apache Joe, he was the first to let you know that he knew how to deal with the Apache as he had “lived” with them. She wasn’t sure which band of Apache he had supposedly lived with and asked him one day. He puffed up and told her the only band there was. She began to name off a few types of Apache when he changed the subject. From that moment on he would almost snarl every time he saw her, most of the time he would just walk out and leave her be. Until one night he came at her with a bowie knife in hand and a glazed murderous look in his eyes, he screamed profanities and other drunken ramblings at her as he charged. She side stepped just in time tripping him. He fell with a heavy thud in the road and awkwardly tried to get to his feet. Thankfully Jack had rounded the corner at that moment and quickly came to her aide. He drew his gun instantly as Joe bull rushed him, knocking him over the head. Apache Joe fell unconscious. She was very thankful for her friend. A week passed without incident and the army soon had a job for her, putting those tracking/scouting skills to good use.
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The Guns Of Brimstone Lillian