Katie Lawrence


Katie Lawrence came to Brimstone as a mail order bride for Mr. Richard Maclane. A British mining engineer working for Cornelius Taggart. When she arrived in town, Mr. Maclane was nowhere to be found. Not having the means to return home, she began working for Madame Kate.

When Dr. John Beaumont came to town, she called on him for medical assistance. The doctor kindly refused to treat her “condition” and recommended she see Dr. Scott. Later that week, Dr. Beaumont came to call on her for help in getting a message to the Marshals, who were expecting a jailbreak that night. She gave the doctor a second chance and convinced him that since he already paid the $20 to make the ruse seem real, he might as well spend the night with her. He sheepishly agreed and was smitten with her from that point on.

Although, she continued to service other clients, the doctor became a regular customer of hers, until he proposed marriage to her not three weeks after they met on March 23rd. She now resides with the doctor and is elated to no longer be a “working girl”. Her fiance’ has promised her a school house so that she can fulfill her dream of being a school teacher and raising a family.

Katie Lawrence

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