Jackson Smith

Gunslinger, Adventurer, Civilizer



Strength 16
Coordination 18
Observation 16
Stature 9
Luck 7


Fast Draw Revolver


Pistol 5
Fast Draw 17
Indian Contact (Kiowa) 14
Orienteering 14

+25 exp. Thanks.


Jackson was born and raised in New York City to a wealthy mercantile family. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy numbers or business. Instead, he joined the Union Cavalry at the outbreak of the Civil War, working his way from Private to Colonel, then back down to Private by the end of the war.

Back home, Jackson’s flamboyant and cocky nature proved too much for his family, ultimately resulting in his departure for the West. Since then, he has explored the uncivilized lands of the United States, increasingly aspiring toward the building and civilizing of the rest of the country.

Jackson Smith

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