Cosette Dubois

Madame Kate's right hand. She is an Escort, Saloon Entertainer.


A haughty,impatient, flirtatious french woman. 6’0 tall, long black curly hair, bright blue-grey eyes, tiny waist, small in the hip with a well rounded bust. She loves the color red and anything frilly or flashy. Dirt is her worst enemy, well aside from the slut,Peach,who thinks she is going to move in on Cossette’s clients. That Southern “belle” has another thing coming.
Her motto “If you got it, flaunt it”

Str.:13 COOR: 13

OBS: 13 SPK bSENSE: 10


Weapon: Derringer
Skill:2, Speed: slow, Short:2, Long:4, Extreme:8, Reload:2
Careful shot: 11, Steady shot: 6, Hip shot: 3, Fan fire: 1


Born into poverty, Cossette was made to work when she turned five selling flowers on the streets of Paris, France. She was the third born in a family of six children. One day she caught her oldest brother,Gustave, pick pocketing a wealthy gentlemen. She threatened to tell their parents if he didn’t teach her how to do that too. Soon she, Gustave, and Marie, the second oldest sister, formed a team. No coin heavy, pouch, purse or pocket was safe until Cossette met a large flamboyant woman that went by the name Madame Eponene DesJardins. When Cossette attempted to pick the woman’s purse, Madame DesJardins snatched her up by the wrist, scolding her fiercely. She gave Cossette a choice either come work for her or she could spend the rest of her days in a cell. She quickly agreed to come work for Madame. The next day as the sun began to warm the sky and burn off the rain from the previous night, Cossette darted toward Madame DesJardins’s Bordello. Soon after arriving she was put to work scrubbing the floors, cleaning windows, and helping the other servantes with the daily wash. During her breaks she would watch the whores strut and flaunt, tease and taunt their customers. If one of the gentlemen customers got to rough,Dominique would escort them out back and give them a beating they would not soon forget. Cossette befriended the bouncer. He was kind and protective of her, much like a father to a child. When they would break for lunch he would tell her stories and give her riddles to solve. As she matured she began to catch men’s attention as well as the Madame’s. On her 16th birthday Madame DesJardins approached her about a position among her ladies. Cossette accepted when she was told that her earnings would triple. That would help her family out for certain and allow her ailing father to rest without worry. She could now afford the pretty dresses she saw women wearing. As time went on she had begun to save a nice little stash of coins. Cossette found that she enjoyed being a lady of the night. It was profitable and the men in general were nice. Some would even shower her with gifts that sparkled in exchange for a moment of her time. One beautiful afternoon during lunch Dominique told her of news from the Americas. Another gold rush had everyone excited, the city was buzzing. Dominique and Cossette decided that they would travel to the Americas to strike it rich. Cossette had plans of opening up her own Bordello or maybe even a boarding house. Dominique had plans to marry, possibly own a large estate. Cossette took part of her savings and bought two tickets to New York. After a few months they finally arrived in New York City. Tired but eager to get started, they went around the city seeing the sites as well as gathering supplies to head west. The next morning they ate breakfast and soon was on their way. Two months into their adventure Dominique came down with a severe fever,muscle aches and a rattling cough. After fighting for three days he passed leaving Cossette alone. She was terrified being in an unfamiliar land but she continued on, working along the way. During a very cold night she saw a warm faint light out across the desert, smiling she urged the tired cart horse forward at a slow steady pace. When she got into town it was ten o’clock, she found the livery stable and a young man happy to help. She tipped him one gold to make sure her horse and cart were well taken care of. She asked the stable boy ,in very broken english, where a hotel was. He pointed her towards Kate’s place….and the rest is history.

Cosette Dubois

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