Chris "Longshot" Low

Gambler, Ex confederate soldier, Wild card


Birth Name: Chris Low
Bith Date: July 4th, 1840
Race: White
Weight: 195-205
Hair: Dark Brown, in the sun or when WELL washed it turns to golden brown. Has facial hair that is Van Dyke in nature but also has VERY thin sideburns that connect at the chin area.
Eyes: Blue as the azure sky that invite all to look into them but offer no mercy for any who dare look.
Handedness: right




RIFLE: +5 (23/14/10/1)
PISTOL: +1 (19/10/6/2)

Bartending: 13
Entertainer: 13
Gambler: 20
Literacy: 12
Linguistics: 10
Indian Contact: 13
Riding: 12
Throwing: 17
Fast draw: 15


Winchester 73 rifle
Single action 6 shooter
throwing knife
Deck of Cards
Special deck of cards given to him by Coyote


Story as first presented to GM: I had what I now calls an innocent life growing up. Though I was born into a family descended in part from the Irish and in part of the famed Winchester Family in Winchester Virginia it is a distant memory to me. I does remember that my ma died giving birth to me and dear old father never forgiving me for it. Seems like the very moment i came into this damned world i was born with Death’s cold embrace surrounding me, though i knew it not at the time. Anyway, when the old bastard died off he left the farm to me at the age of 18 expecting me to “marry a good woman who will give me a son worth a damn”. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!! After a couple of weeks i sold the damn farm. But before i left that town i set myself a torch and burned that house to a smoking pile of rubble.

Having nothing in this world that meant a damn to me or even a home i became a drifter for some time. Would frequently play cards to earn my keep and even bartend from time to time. Fell in love with music and learned to play whatever i could get my hands on though i favor the piano or guitar. Oh hell got distracted there, damn it. Anyway, when the War got started i joined the 33rd Virgian Infantry Regiment. Found i was pretty damn good at shooting. some of the boys started to call me Longshot cause i could hit most anything i could see and i bet on very long odds.

when i first arrived to the first battle of Manassas began I recall the Confederate Army scattered, divided, and nearly beaten. But lead by the greatest man i ever met, General Jackson, my regiment and i held the line. While others ran like cowards, we held the line. When the foolish charged to the union lines and died like sheep, WE HELD the line. When our comrades fell to the flood of blue uniforms, WE HELD THE LINE!!! It was my proud honor to be known as a soldier in the Stonewall Brigade as it was to serve under my commander who earned that name even more than i had.

For a couple of years i fought all over Virginia, even in my former home of Winchester, for a cause that i loved but did not seem to be in my reach any longer. But no day was darker than May 2 of 63. The battle of Chancellorsville was harsh enough but the wounding and eventual death of my general marked the beginning of the end. Not only of what I once was as a person, but the end of the Confederacy, my giving 2 bits for my country, and more. From that day forward i was like a walking dead man.

Gettysburg was what i now think was our one chance to make our cause succeed. But on the eve of my 23rd birthday i felt it turn to ash. All that seemed to matter now was the man who stood next to me. To do what i could for them but even faint ray of hope was scattered like sunlight on a cloudy day as more of my friends died at Second battle of Winchester, the Overland Campaign, and more fights. Soon enough i was almost the only original soldier in the brigade.

I was tore up pretty bad at the Second Battle of Winchester with a shot in my middle when a strange doctor patched up my hurt pretty good instead of being a butcher like most that had taken so many parts from good men i had traveled through hell with. though i was liquored up plenty and lost a lot of blood the doc was only speaking Latin to my ears though others claimed he was just speaking english. He asked me if i wanted to live and i told him “I dont give a damn anymore”. He said unto me “God has a plan for all of us and urs aint done yet”. All i remember after that was a strange tattoe of an odd christian cross on his right wrist. I woke up the next morning and a nurse reluctantly brought me a gun with that same strange cross decorated unto a pistol and told me it was a gift from the doctor who saved me. She passed a message from him, saying “Be careful with this, it is both a blessing and a curse”. Now that i think of it, every time i drew that damn pistol i killed many men in battle but the battle was still lost.

Anyway, in spite of my wounds the need of men was near desperate so i was able to rejoin the regiment. To my amazement, i was made the captain of D Company of 33rd Virgina (last surviving company of men from Winchester), 1st Brigade, Army of Virginia. I fought on for many more battles, even came close to burning Washington once at battle of Monocacy but we lost most every time. Lee would surrender shortly after my last fight at Appomattox but i never did.

Though i was the highest ranked member of the stonewall brigade and only one of near 200 of the original brigade i still had fight in me. If my dreams and hopes would not come true then i would see to it that them damn Yankees would feel some of my pain. With this i set out to meet the Indian tribes and make them my ally. I became a merchant of death, selling at very low price the best equipment i could get my hands on and aiding the indians in burning, killing, and etc all they could. Though some of the former Confederates joined the union army after some time and died fighting the indians i never felt any pity for them for they were traitors in my eyes. It werent long before my efforts had made many of the tribes more powerful and more militant than any would have thought. To hell with em all, the fires look good at night.

The most memorable deal was with the Sioux. they little of interest to me but to give weapons and the Sioux to not give something of great value in return would have been an insult to their whole people. I was given a choice between the chief’s eldest unmarried daughter and their finest horse. I chose the horse and i named him Crazy horse in honor of the Sioux leader of the same name who i had forged a strange bond with. He seemed to have a strange medicine as they called it, but then so did i.
Once more i drifted from place to place taking peoples money at the card table just to use the money to arm or aid the red man.

Now its 73 and im tangled up in some strange town where a fella named Thom helped get me out of a tight spot and released from the hangman’s noose. I was usually pretty good at knowing when the game had changed on me and it seems it just did.

MORE RECENTLY: Longshot has been something of a wild card amongst the marshals as he has managed great feats matched only by his failures in choices. While aboard the floating battleship known as the George Washington, Longshot seperated from the marshals to investigate some matters only for the marshalls to proceed on a mission far away. Not long after this Longshot found himself fighting many “chubas” and some guy named Richard mostly by hiself. At this time Longshot discovered that even with ordinary cards he could have access to seemingly total improvised abilities based on the cards he draws and what he believes their meaning is. Of course it doesnt always go as planned.

With the newfound power Longshot was able to holdoff Richard and survive the undead army that plagued the ship until he recalled the marshalls to the ship with some magic provided by means not known to him. When even with the marshalls and friends aid the ship was in danger of being overrun completely Longshot called upon his power once more and with 10 of spades and 10 of diamonds he summoned a change of fortune. 30 seconds later dozens or more chubas found themselves floating in deep space. Minutes later after Longshot attempted to hide a precious artifact stolen by him from the marshalls he was overrun with chubas again. Knowing that even he could not be victorious he called upon several court cards to summon him some help. Unbeknonwnst to Longshot he had unintentionally summoned Lillian, who had been in Brimstone for many months now, to the ship.

Even so he had to fight what seemed to be the head chuba, that upon a HARD fought battle revealed a small serpent fang. After the fang pulled Doc into itself Longshot used his last reserves to aid Doc in some manner that Doc adamantly refuses to tell Longshot about. The next thing he knows he wakes up naked in Brimstone that feels very different from the world that he called home since it feels heavy.

What is this new world? Longshot not happy with Doc at this time attempted a fist fight but doc brushed him aside with his shotgun Bessy. But Longshot has cards of his own, he personally spoke with a powerful being named Michael and now he knows that the supernatural struggle is far from over and that he must prepare.

Chris "Longshot" Low

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