The Guns Of Brimstone



11 March 1873

Previously, the party arrived in Brimstone, eating and conversing though breakfast; intervened in a street fight, arresting Red; occupied an abandoned and ransacked Marshall’s Building; interrogated Red with little success; met and were deputized by James MacCurdy; learned of Juliette’s checkered past; learned of MacCurdy’s ally, Taggart the mine owner; persuaded Wilson the carpenter to repair and fortify the Marshall’s Building; patrolled Brimstone and Tent City; engaged Cyrus “Shotgun” Slay in the dark heart of his own territory; spotted several of Slay’s men behaving suspiciously; and investigated the arson of Noland’s Flophouse.

thus begins the second session on the same day, 11 March 1873, at 3:30 in the afternoon


Sounds of gunfire and yelling erupted near MacCurdy’s Saloon. Arriving to investigate, Jackson and Cole interrupted a young, fairly clean, but very drunk man shooting off a new, five-dollar pistol. The young man, Sam Galls, was out of control, and was arrested and jailed by the Marshall. Following a brief interrogation and the eventual release of Red upon receipt of 450 dollar fine paid in full by Tom Riley, the lawmen and woman resumed their (divided) patrols of Brimstone.

Gage made fun of somebody.


Doc Beaumont and Lillian the Kiowa Indian half-breed arrived in town. Doc secured a house for his practice while Jackson spotted and engaged Lillian, learning a little of her background.


While gathering information, news of Slay’s absence prompted Jackson and Cole to confront the rough men of Tent City while their leader was gone. Gage, Doc and his shotgun, and Lillian, joined them as they made their way to the Dipper Bar, previously identified by Juliette as a hangout of Slay and his gang.

Upon arrival, Gage, Doc, and Lillian posted themselves outside the Dipper Bar, securing the outside, while Cole and Jackson entered the front entrance of the bar, balls swinging. Additionally, concluding her brief patrol on the outskirts of Brimstone, Juliette arrived and joined the others.

Tension spiked; Jackson and Cole sensed danger as they entered the bar. Inside, an Indian wearing a bowler hat (and three of his allies) confronted the Marshall. He had been spotted earlier, but until now had remained elusive. Although outnumbered, Cole, unused to being challenged, exercised his authority but provoked the Indian into drawing his pistol and shooting.

The Indian fired, but failed to inflict any serious wounds. Cole reacted, shooting from the hip, and ultimately blew the Indian’s nose off, forcing the leader of the group to disengage. Jackson fired, but only wounded one of them, which was followed by blasts of a double barreled shotgun fired by the bartender, the beer-bellied man with the under-sized shirt. Meanwhile, one the Indian’s allies – the Tent Runner – attempted to run away, but failed.

Then, the rest of the group acted, forcing their way into the bar and concluded the fight when Doc destroyed the face of one of the gunmen with his shotgun, earning the nickname, “Buckshot”. Dead or broken, the men who had challenged Marshall Cole surrendered.


The prisoners secured, debate swirled on what to do with them. Calls for executions were argued, but ultimately continued imprisonment was settled upon until a Judge could be found to conduct a fair trial. Information was gathered, including threats of the arrival of Colorado Bill Logan. Unexpectedly (again), MacCurdy arrived, but departed soon after following Juliette’s accusations of suspicious activity.

Expecting an attack by Slay later today, Sam Galls is released and hired on as a defender. Juliette returns his five-dollar pistol.


Slay engaged Doc alone, offering to hire him in exchange for his services.

CURTIS (10:00 PM):

At some point, the lawmen and women had spotted an immaculately dressed man in a gray suit and armed with four pistols. Believing this man was Colorado Bill, the group intended to investigate him further. Thus, Juliette tasked out and followed a boy named Curtis, subsequently discovering some sort of relationship between MacCurdy and the gray-suit man.


A distant lightning storm approached the town of Brimstone. Having successfully challenged and jailing several of Slay’s men, the lawmen prepared for a showdown at the recently repaired and fortified Marshall’s Building.

KATE’S (10:30 PM):

Doc had a little fun, and sent the rest of the group a message and food by way of Lissa.


Lissa arrived with food and information from Doc. En route, Lissa spotted six men, including one wearing a felt hat, walking the streets while drunk. One of them, Curtis Dawson, fell off the bluff and into a cactus.

After eating, the girls departed to sleep in the next building while Jackson, Cole, Gage, and the other men stood watch as the rain begins to fall.


The man in the immaculate gray suit, now wounded and seeking medical treatment, engaged Doc as he walked toward his home. He is accidentally killed, earning Doc a second nickname, “Doctor Death”, and recognized as the group’s most lethal member.


Slay and his remaining boys failed to attack.


The rain stopped by morning, leaving the streets muddy and miserable. Juliette and Lillian stopped by but eventually left the Marshall’s Building seeking new information, reaching the outskirts of Tent City. On site they discovered five wagons, stacked rifles nearby, and the smell of growler; however, they failed to catch site of any men.


Doc treats Curtis Dawson for cactus wounds.

thus ends the second session on the second day, 12 March 1873, during the heat of high noon



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