The Guns Of Brimstone



12 March 1873

Previously, the lawmen arrested and jailed a drunk, young man named Sam Galls outside MacCurdy’s Saloon; released Red from Tascosa after a crippling fine of 450 United States dollars paid by Tom Riley; joined forces with two recent newcomers – ‘Doc’ Beaumont and Lillian the half-breed Kiowa scout; raided the Dipper Bar during ‘Shotgun’ Slay’s absence, killing and capturing several of his men including the Bowler Indian and the beer-bellied bartender; granted ‘Doc’ Beaumont a second nickname of ‘Buckshot’ for his lethal actions during the raid; recognized Marshall Cole’s valiant effort during the raid, resulting in the incapacitation of the Bowler Indian; threatened to execute and poison the prisoners; learned of the imminent arrival of a man named ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan, a potential ally of ‘Shotgun’ Slay; insulted their employer, MacCurdy; released and hired Sam Galls in anticipation of retaliation by ‘Shotgun’ Slay at the Marshall’s building; investigated another recent newcomer immaculately dressed in a gray suit and carrying four pistols; passed the night at the Marshall’s building, which was not attacked; accidentally killed the gray-suited man, earning ‘Doc’ Beaumont ‘Buckshot’ a third nickname, ‘Doctor Death’; discovered a train of wagons in vicinity of Tent City, organized and led by the aforementioned man, ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; and treated (but nearly killing) ‘Cactus’ Curtis Dawson for wounds suffered while intoxicated.

thus begins the third session on the second day, 12 March 1873, during the heat of high noon


Thom and Gage observe a group of wagons in vicinity of Tent City, identifying three men. They walk by but give the two lawmen a hostile stare.


Meanwhile, Juliette and Lillian conduct a reconnaissance of the same group of wagons. The girls identify several whites and Indians, noticing their veteran appearance and the smell of ‘growler’.


Thom and Gage linked up with Juliette and Lillian. While the wagoneers ignored the lawmen, Thom thinks he recognized one of them as a former guerrilla.


The building was destroyed, probably through kerosene and munitions located underneath the floor, emplaced during the fortification and repair by Wilson the carpenter. Jackson and Cole regroup, seeking out potential arsons; Lillian attempted to put out the fire in order to secure the prisoners locked within, but to no avail. The building is lost and the prisoners, as well as some lawmen to include [Brett] and Sam Galls, presumed killed.

On site is ‘Shotgun’ Slay, shook up and angry, demonstrating concern for his boys, recently imprisoned.

Gage said, “looks like we killed Slay’s boy”.

Marshall Cole arrested ‘Shotgun’ Slay, confiscating his many shotguns and knives.


In response to the destruction of the Marshall’s Building, Juliette approached it, but is interdicted by a man wearing a black suit and a circular brimmed hat. He flashed Juliette with his pistol, threatening her life. Juliette recalled the man in black as one who torched her childhood home, killing her family.


Instead of regrouping at the Marshall’s Building, Thom and Gage remained at the wagons, continuing their investigation. Whiskey is discovered, but they are confronted by several of the wagoneers including two Mexicans and two whites. Outnumbered, the lawmen refused to back down.

After several tense moments, Thom declared, “I draw”.

Gage killed Jose and one of the whites while the remaining white ran away. Thom, failing to strike a single target with his pistol, nevertheless forced Pablo to surrender.


Lillian noticed Juliette’s distress and ceased her attempt to put out the fire. Minutes later, she reinforced Juliette. Together, they wounded the man in the black suit and the circular brimmed hat, forcing him to retreat around large rocks and into heavy woods.

Jackson Smith also noticed Juliette’s distress, and joined her and Lillian moments later. Approaching the man in black from another direction around the large rocks, he fired into the woods where a trail of blood led. Four of five bullets struck the man, who is soon discovered to be Archibald Spencer. Although severely wounded, the three patched up the wounded Spencer, and secured him.

Marshall Cole, with ‘Shotgun’ Slay cuffed, arrived to assist.


Jackson discovered that Archibald smelled like kerosene, and was located close to the recently destroyed Marshall’s Building. Thom suggested, with great insight, that miners would most likely have access to explosives. Evidence pieced together, the lawmen concluded that Taggart, a mine owner, planned and executed the destruction of the Marshall’s Building with the assistance of Archibald Spencer.

Taggart and ‘Shotgun’ Slay compete for the same turf, i.e. whiskey, gunrunning, and possibly white slavery. Incentivized by the incarceration of Slay’s men at the Marshall’s Building, Taggart had several reasons for destroying the building.

‘Colorado’ Bill Logan owed ‘Shotgun’ Slay money. Their relationship is based on commerce, not loyalty, and could be turned.


Returning to Tent City, the lawmen, several of whom are wounded and exhausted (with an arrested ‘Shotgun’ Slay in tow) regrouped in vicinity of the wagon train. Additionally, now present is ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan, reinforced by 11 gunmen. Finally, MacCurdy arrived on site. Altogether, most of the town’s important people – excluding Taggart – are located together in a very small area. Tension is extreme.

‘Colorado’ Bill Logan claimed that the whiskey was destined for Kate’s. Marshall Cole attempted to arrest MacCurdy. ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan intervened, and the rest of the lawmen agreed that there is not enough evidence for additional arrests. Ultimately, no further arrests were made and ‘Shotgun’ Slay is released, though his weapons remain confiscated.


During the recent, tense meeting at the wagons, ‘Shotgun’ Slay proposed an election, forcing a council meeting at MacCurdy’s Saloon. On site were several council members, including MacCurdy, Cornelius Taggart (who looks like Boris Karloff), Mrs Simons (a merchant), Kate (a less reputable merchant), and an old Mexican guy.

Outside in the street is ‘Shotgun’ Slay, posted atop a wagon, loudly proposing (to a large congregation of local citizens) the dissolution of the Citizen’s Committee. Moreover, while addressing the increasingly frenzied citizens, he announced his bid for the office of the Brimstone Sherriff.

Marshall Cole intervened, engaging ‘Shotgun’ Slay in a duel. Although Cole is seriously wounded, he survived to fight another day. The council meeting was cancelled and the duel concluded. No resolution was achieved, and the elections remained up in the air.


The lawmen assembled at Buckshot’s house, patching up wounds and resting. At 3:00 AM the following morning, Lillian is on watch. Outside, she noticed six men, including ‘Cactus’ Curtis Dawson, and another man – tall, wearing a top hat, and smoking a cigar – watching the house. Shortly thereafter, the men leave.

Later, Lillian, along with Doc and Juliette are awakened. From inside, they observed a woman (leaving a nearby building – number 39), dressed in white robes and carrying an unidentified object (future: by Session Five, the object may be determined to be a statue), and moving toward Tent City. Exiting Doc’s house, they engaged the woman, who was nude, frightened, and bruised, holding her dress. The woman is identified as Wilson’s wife, the third most beautiful woman in Brimstone. She claimed that she owed ‘Shotgun’ Slay over 5,000 United States dollars.


By dawn several of the lawmen investigated the building recently vacated by Mrs. Wilson. Inside, the house was found abandoned. There was a faint smell of fried chicken. Upstairs, Doc found trash and empty bottles. Downstairs, Jackson, Gage, and Thom discovered a collection of posted flags and a table with ropes fastened to it. Additionally, within the basement was a solid door leading to an unknown location, though a strong smell of dead snakes appeared to originate beyond it.

The room was spooky, and the lawmen wondered what Mrs. Wilson encountered down here.

thus ends the third session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the early morning dawn



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