The Guns Of Brimstone



11 March 1873

Brimstone, populated by approximately 400 people, is a rough town on the verge of a boom, though the absence of rail and legitimate law men prevent this. At least two competing factions exist, fighting for control of the town and the right to guide its future.

Tent City, an area of Brimstone, is a ghetto filled with orphans, veterans of the Civil War, and criminals. Here, Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay, maintains his criminal operations.


Marshall Cole and Jackson Smith, long-time friends, enter the restaurant looking for breakfast. Inside they notice other small groups of diners, including Juliette and Gage; (Brett) and Thom Williams. During this time, Juliette and others discuss local news with Hoffsbrau and his wife, both of German descent.

They learn of two bad men. The first, Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay, is the illegitimate powerbroker of Tent City. Competing with James McCurdy, the leader of the good citizens of Brimstone, Slay is known to run guns and whiskey in exchange for money and power. He wears a bowler hat topped off with a pheasant feather, a union jacket despite having fought for the Confederacy, and carries two shotguns. He is a smart but ruthless man.

The second, a man known as Billy Spencer, a former Confederate guerrilla and rapist, may be associated with ‘Shotgun’ Slay, though Hoffsbrau claims that he had recently left town, heading southward. Juliette seems most interested in him.


Outside the restaurant, sounds of a brawl interrupted breakfast and conversations. Immediately, Marshall Cole investigated, running outside and identifying two drunken men fighting it out in the dusty street. Separating the two men, Cole reestablished order, shocking all involved. Law and order are not a part of this town.

Confronting the more aggressive of the fighters, Red from Tascosa, Cole provoked a knife attack, but easily pacifies the situation. Instead, Red is arrested and cuffed, the first act of law this town had seen in a long time.

As Cole proceeded to take Red to the Marshall’s Building, Jackson observes three rough-looking men leave the area and make their way towards Tent City. Shortly thereafter, Jackson followed Cole and his prisoner, covering his friend’s back. The other diners dispersed, some following further behind Cole.


At the Marshal’s Building, both Jackson and Cole discovered a ransacked and abandoned law office. There is no Marshall in Brimstone. After a quick search, a key to the cells and a case filled with three shotguns is found, offering the newcomers a means toward reestablishing law.

After some clumsy, painful attempts at interrogating Red, little information was pulled. In time, other Hoffsbrau’s diners had caught up with Jackson and Cole, interested in recent events and in helping reestablish law. Some, though, have come to town looking for revenge.

Eventually, James McCurdy (Chairman of the Citizen’s Committee; a tall, large man often short of breath), escorted by several others (including a man named Clem), arrived unexpectedly at the Marshall’s Building. After a brief introduction, the newcomers are deputized and charged with civilizing the town.

During this time, Jackson also learned that Juliette had killed three men outside of Abilene, though no reason and background was given.

Before leaving, McCurdy handed out badges and a key to the case of shotguns and promised to send a carpenter, a man named Wilson, to assist in the repair and fortification of the rundown building.


Hungry, the newly established party of law men and woman split up. Jackson and Cole make their way towards McCurdy’s Saloon while Juliette and the others sought out food and information.


Arriving at the Saloon, Jackson and Cole conversed with Clem, one of McCurdy’s boys (charged to act in any capacity). They learned that McCurdy was not available but visiting a man named Taggart, who runs a mine. Additionally, Cole asked about Wilson the carpenter, who had not yet arrived to work on the Marshall’s Building.


Expecting trouble but finding none, Jackson and Cole arrived at Wilson’s house. Inside was Wilson, too scared to work (as a result of his wife’s large gambling debt to ‘Shotgun’ Slay) in support of the new law enforcers. Then, McCurdy arrived (again, unexpectedly) and influenced Wilson. Reinforcing McCurdy’s orders, Jackson also offered a small cash layout and a promise of more. Wilson hesitantly agreed and proceeded to repair and fortify the Marshall’s Building.


Meanwhile, Juliette and the others patrolled Brimstone in order to establish presence, gain local awareness, and engage the most dangerous man in town — Cyrus ‘Shotgun’ Slay.


Juliette and the others spotted the three men who had left during Marshall Cole’s arrest of Red from Tascosa.


Leaving the restaurant, Juliette and the others walked casually into the heart of Slay’s territory along filthy, muddy streets. There, she handed out food to some of the orphan children. In consequence, friendship and future cooperation (in the form of spying) was earned. Furthermore, confirmation on where some of the local citizens stood in their loyalties, by way of hostile stares, was learned. Finally, the people of Tent City and Brimstone had no choice but to accept this unusual intrusion of law.


Continuing on through the streets of Tent City, they found Slay sitting outside the Dipper Bar, drinking. Serving Slay is a fat bartender, easily recognized by a large beer-belly partially covered by an under-sized shirt. Slay drank alone. In spite of the tense situation, Juliette introduced herself, confronting him on his own ground, and doing so without fear while her allies watched her back. Although Slay reacted in a civilized manner, he also portrayed a strange combination of courtesy and danger.


Meanwhile, after having failed to pay his ‘insurance’ to Slay, Noland (owner of Noland’s Flophouse) burned to the ground. In reaction, the recently deputized law men and woman arrived on site to investigate, consolidating the party. Apparently, several miners were amongst the dead and burned, though nothing further was discovered.

thus ends the first session on the same day, 11 March 1873, at 3:30 in the afternoon



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