The Guns Of Brimstone



13 March 1873

Previously, Thom, Gage, Juliette, and Lillian investigated the recently arrived wagon train located at Tent City; a coalition of Cornelius Taggart and the Spencer Brothers destroyed the Marshall’s Building, leaving the prisoners and Samuel Cross presumed killed; Juliette was attacked by Archibald Spencer, but reinforced by Lillian and Jackson, ending in the severe wounding and capture of Archibald; Thom and Gage discovered possible contraband in the form of whiskey and survived victorious a confrontation against a numerically superior force belonging to ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; the lawmen determined the relationship between Taggart and ‘Shotgun’ Slay; aborted the arrest of MacCurdy and released ‘Shotgun’ Slay during a failed confrontation with ‘Colorado’ Bill Logan; Marshall Cole bravely (and with high intensity) engaged ‘Shotgun’ Slay at MacCurdy’s Saloon, but was severely wounded, resulting in the cancellation of a council meeting covering a proposed election; observed the predicament of Mrs. Wilson as she walked through the streets of Brimstone alone and naked; and investigated the basement of Building 39.

thus begins the fourth session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the early morning dawn


Juliette, Lillian, and a severely wounded (but recklessly brave) Marshall Cole continued to rest and recover while maintaining their watch over the captured Archibald Spencer. Lissa arrived with food and discussed Mrs. Wilson’s gambling issue. Additionally, she noted the worry regarding the elections and the destroyed Marshall’s Building.

Soon, over a dozen gunmen thundered into the town of Brimstone, approaching Doc’s house. Three men in dark suits, sporting dark hair and pale skin confronted Lillian and the rest of the lawmen located inside the house.

The ugly Spencer yelled, “We’ve come for my brother’. Overwhelmed, the large party of men muscled their way unopposed into the house and carried out their wounded brother, Archibald Spencer.

Outside, Billy Spencer demanded, “I want that bitch’s ear!”

Juliette replied, “We tried to care for the guy.”

Immediately, gunfire erupted, originating from the barrel of Juliette’s pistol. The lawmen drew first blood, framing the bloody events that would soon follow.


Meanwhile, ‘Buckshot’ blasted the solid door in the basement of Building 39, reminding all present of the sincerity of his nickname. Confirmed was the smell of dead snakes beyond. Overhead, the sound of numerous hooves pounding the soft earth alerted the lawmen of the unexpected situation above. At the sound of gunfire, ‘Buckshot’, Thom, Gage, and Jackson rushed upstairs to determine what was happening.


Juliette initiated combat, killing Billy Spencer by striking him through the heart. Lillian quickly pulled Juliette inside while Marshall Cole barricaded the interior, establishing an effective but hasty defense. A Spencer gunman is blasted by Marshall Cole in the arm and falls to the ground. Thom, leaving the basement and taking up position at a window within Building 39, sniped a gunman in the gut. Thom then shot a gunman in the arm. Jackson killed a gunman, blasting his head. Marshall Cole killed Franklin Spencer. Thom killed Elias Spencer. Jackson inflicted a serious wound to the head of a gunman. Thom scored a hit to a gunman’s gut. ‘Buckshot’ wounded a gunman, knocking him unconscious.

Behind the house, Juliette and Lillian attempted to move Lillian to safety, but instead identified a group of six men – members of Dawson’s Gang, working for ‘Shotgun’ Slay – blocking the way in the adjacent woodline. Julliete fired at one of the Dawson gunmen during the confusion of battle, though the Dawsons had not yet engaged in combat. Lillian killed the wounded Dawson gunman – ‘Arizona’ Elias.

Back at the front of the house, four of the Spencer gunmen fled the battle. Jackson killed one of the Spencer gunmen – another headshot. Gage killed another Spencer gunman. Cole’s wounds reopened in the heat of battle, but he kept fighting. Juliette sustained a serious wound to the chest; Lillian also sustained a serious wound to the chest. The Dawson Gang departed, acknowledging the accidental killing of one of their gang.

The battle concluded… all members of the Spencer Gang was killed, captured, or fled. Clearing the battlefield, numerous weapons (8x rifles and 16x pistols) were collected. Also, Archibald Spencer was found with a bullet to the head, assassinated by an unknown agent, possibly the tying up of a loose end by the dead man’s employer – Cornelius Taggart.

Patching up the wounded, ‘Buckshot’ nearly killed Lillian [no, seriously!!!], who eventually recovered. Jackson ordered one of the locals to fetch the other town doctor. Juliette ordered the townsfolk to repair the Marshall’s Building.


‘Buckshot’ and Gage engaged the Town’s Undertaker. Confirmed were the identity of Dirty Barney (the Dipper’s bartender), Charlie Bowler (‘Shotgun’ Slay’s Bowler Indian), Harper (the tent runner), an unidentified gunman, and Sam Galls – victims of the destroyed Marshall’s Building. No evidence of Samuel Cross’s body [Brett] was found, though he continues to be presumed dead – a sad but tasty marshmallow.


Jackson, Thom, and Gage moved toward Taggart’s Mine, intending to confront Taggart. En route, a group of miners passed the lawmen. One miner reported that the Caliente Mine was flooded, though reasons were unknown. He was then hired as a native guide by Jackson for a steep sum of money; moments later, directions were found posted in the most obvious way, identifying the location of Taggart’s Mine and embarrassing Jackson. The native guide was then released and the lawmen continued.

Two empty shacks – used as guard posts – were found empty. Also, a dried out sluice was identified by Thom. Further up the mountain, a solid door was found, though no way in from the outside was discovered. Even further up the mountain was a large hole in the ground, leading downward, and measuring 10 feet in diameter. An elevator of some sort, accompanied by the whining noise of gears and cable, faded into the darkness below.

Jackson tossed a heavy rock down the hole, without response. He then fired a shot, this time with a quick and heavy response by the men holed up inside, beyond the solid door located further down the mountain.

Responding to the shot fired by Jackson, eight professional looking men (equipped with cavalry boots, spurs, charcoal gray clothing, and Henry ‘73 precision rifles) confronted the lawmen. They recognized the lawmen as Brimstone Marshalls. Informed of the intent to engage Taggart, the men responded that he was in town, inquiring about the unresolved election issue. Shortly thereafter, Thom insulted the riflemen, nearly getting the small group killed. Thom, Gage, and Jackson then quickly retired, moving back down the mountain and toward the town.


Juliette, Lillian, and Marshall Cole escorted Lissa (who seemed unfazed by the recent battle) back to Kate’s. On site, MacCurdy arrived (unexpectedly and at the most peculiar times and situations), excitedly claiming that the railroad was coming to Brimstone. He then offered 10 United States dollars for every jailed criminal that the lawmen produced.


Katie arrived at Doc’s shell of a house. She described her story, about a man named Richard McClane and their (eventual?) marriage. Richard was to meet her at Brimstone, but when Katie arrived, he was nowhere to be found. Without a husband (missing for seven months now, and destined to be an engineer for Taggart), and without a school to offer her employment, she resorted to a life of prostitution in order to support herself.

thus ends the fourth session on the third day, 13 March 1873, in the balmy late afternoon



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