The Guns Of Brimstone

Session 8 or 9?

7:00 pm

Thom, Lillian, Red, Juliette,Gage, and Samuel eat dinner at Hoffenbrau. Brinkley and Doc Buckshot step out onto the porch. They discuss the future of Brinkley’s printing press and he apologizes to the Doc. for how he acted when he found that Katie was to be married to the Doc. In the end Brinkley offers to post a small add in the “Devil’s Advocate” for the Doc as a way to make things kosher between them again. After they bid a good evening to one another Doc Buckshot comes back in and joins Katy.

On the way to the meeting, Mr. Cho confronts Marshal Thom on the case of his 53 missing horses. Mr. Cho tells Thom that he “has nose up ass” and demands that his horses be returned now. Mr. Thom calms Mr. Cho and tells him we, the Marshals, are on the case and that we have not forgotten him.

The Marshals, Thom, Lillian, Julliette, Gage, and Samuel, all arrive at McCurty’s for the meeting. Twins Fredrick and Franklyn meet everyone on the front porch. They step aside allowing the marshals to enter. Two boxes sit on either side of the door, later we find out that they are for voting on laws and who we want to run for Mayor.

Antonio and Leona Lopez approach the Parlour Saloon. Antonio is obviously very drunk.
Taggart soon joins the meeting. Unexpectedly.
Madame Kate also shows up, immaculately dressed and bothered by all the fuss.
McCurty warns the Marshals that he isn’t sure what to expect from this meeting.

Judge Callous calls the meeting to order.

He believes the town of Messia should no longer be the county seat of Dona Anna County. That Brimstone should be county seat and in the future become the state’s capital. First we need to better the town. Callous proposed that we start by allowing newcomers to buy property. That everyone who owns property should be taxed on that property. Julliette strongly disagreed with taxing people for their land. She stated that the people of tent city are to poor to afford taxes due to the fact that most of them don’t have jobs. Kate and Leona also did not agree with Callous’s ideas for other reasons.
Henry Wilson finally joins the meeting, absolutely filthy and still recovering from his drunken state. Mr. Wilson sits next to Taggart after being scolded for being late and causing a scene by McCurty.

McCurty voices his opinion on how everyone thinks he’s being unfair.
Gage brings up the matter of our current “Supernatural Vermin” problem. Questions arise along with surprise of this news from the mines.
Parceling of the land was voted on. Discussion of who is going to run for mayor was also discussed. These issues weren’t settled.
Slay also introduces Roland Smith of the Orient Saloon.
Judge Callous brings up that we need a court house and suggests that the town has one built. Everyone votes against it. Lillian suggests using one of the buildings already in existence for a court house to save on cost. Everyone except Judge Callous agreed with that.
Final thought was that the Marshals need to be doing a better job and solve the cases pending.
Meeting is adjourned. After the meeting lets out Judge Callous joins the twins and discuss matters.

Sirus Slay meets up with Samuel Cross and tells him the next job he wants done.
To BE Continued….



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