The Guns Of Brimstone

Session 7

8:00 o’clock Evening. Earlier today a man by the name of Mr. Calous came into town today. He was accompanied by four of his men all of them wore fine clothing and badges. Haven’t seen much of those stripped pants, it must be a southern thing. Clem was with him, recognized him right off as he stuck out like a sore thumb. He looked sheepish in a way, probably up to no good as usual. Heard this Calous fellow is a judge from El Paso, not to sure of him but he seems upstanding, only time will tell. Looks like Brinkly got caught snooping again by one of the men Marshals. He has a knack for sticking his nose deep into trouble. But his stories are amusing and informative. Went to McCurty’s tonight for a drink and heard some more distressing news, apparently Mr. Cho had some fifty-three horses stolen and Mr. Taggart also had some very fine, very expensive cargo stolen too. Some of his men and stock were killed in the fray. His right hand Tabius Spencer brought the grim news to him. I would not want to be in his shoes at the moment. What is this town coming too? I hope that these marshals are able to handle their duties and find these thieves before something else comes up missing. While I was at McCurty’s tonight the women marshals Juliette and Lillian came in, I hoped they were there to investigate the evil that’s underfoot. I always do admire them. To take on a man’s job like that and keep their composure is something else. Sounds like Lillian had a man friend that has gone missing too; hope he’s not another casualty like some have been in the past. They soon left, hopefully headed out to investigate.

If there is anything I’ve missed please let me know and I will add it.


Thanks Lillian. 100 xp So who is this written from? Its a different point of view.

Session 7

Mr. Jefferson. I didn’t have much info for session 7 so I got creative with it and made it from a different point of view. I tried to do it in the form of someone writing in their journal, but I don’t know if that got across. Josh wasn’t thrilled with the new point of view. This is the only one I’m doing it with.

Session 7

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