The Guns Of Brimstone

Session 10


8:30 PM – Northeast of town.
Having successfully rousted the family from their farm, Samuel splits from the Dawsons. Little does he know that Marshals Julliette and Lillian have picked up their trail under the light of the full moon. Sam hears someone coming up from behind and decides to dismont, send his horse on, and hide behind a tree. Soon Victor Porter passes by on horseback, with the marchalls following just a few minutes behind. Unfortunately, Victor’s horse stumbles and throws Victor off. His neck is broken and he passes immediately. The marshalls find Victor and rifle through his horse’s saddlebags and clothes. They find the black hoods and Lillian picks up a bad case of fleas from Victor. Suddenly, a bullet rips through Julliette’s left shoulder. They duck for cover behind some rocks and a game of cat and mouse ensues while they try to bait their assailant into revealing his location. Using the hat on a stick routine the sniper takes the bait, and Lillian zeroes in and puts a round in his gutIt doesn’t take the long to find him and question the dying gunman. He doesn’t reveal much of anything useful and soon expires. They drape Victor across his horse, and head back to town.

11:30 PM – Streets of Brimstone
Marshalls Gage and Williamson are patrolling the town, they see two men in red hoods posting a sign on a door. They confront the men, who run behind Carson’s house residence. Gage follows them, and Williamson moves to head them off. Gage rounds the back of Carson’s to find a gang of seven hooded men. They immediately open fire and Gage takes a round in the stomach. The force of the impact dismounts Gage, and he quickly scrambles behind an outhouse for cover. With their full attention on Gage, the members of the “Vigilance Commitee” fail to notice that Thom has flanked them from behind Sam’s house. He dismounts and fires his pistol, catching one man in the gut and another in the thigh. Surprised, the gang members return fire at Thom, but can’t find their mark. He pulls his rifle, slaps his horse to get it out of the way, and ducks behind Sam’s horse. A storm of bullets ensue as Thom’s accuracy continues to drop two more thugs. Meanwhile, one of the vigilantes looks to finish off Gage, and finds himself in a boxing match with the wounded but tenacious marshall. The remaining thugs engaged with Marshall Williamson run away, while Gage continues to trade blows with his sparring partner. Thom moves to Gage’s aid and dispatches the villain with the butt of his rifle.

As the smoke clears, Mr. Carson runs from his bullet riddled house to see Thom rounding up the wounded survivors. His attempts to interogate them are met with foul retorts. Having little patience left, Thom renders the two of the survivors unconcious, while a third succumbs to his wounds and passes away. Thom and Mr. Carson help Gage and one of the captives to Dr. Beaumont’s office. The good doctor, annoyed at having been roused from sleep for the second time this night, sees to the wounded and stablizes Marshall Alden and the leg shot vigilante, whom Katie recognizes as an employee of the Bar-None Ranch. Satisfied that no one is in danger of dying, the doc heads to the jail where Marshall Williamson has taken the other captive, who suffered an ear wound. Marshall Williamson and Father McDermitt head to the undertaker to ask a few questions.

1 am – Northeast of Brimstone
Having decided the coast is finally clear, Sam decides to leave the trees and heads for town. Realizing he’s close to the group’s claim, he heads there to give himself an aliby. He finds Slay’s men, Manuel and two other Mexicans working the mine. Manuel proceeds to question him on why he’s there so late at night. Sam replies that he’s just been walking around town and decided to check in on him. Manuel doesn’t believe him, but can’t find a reason to think he’s trying to steal gold, so he lets the issue slide. Sam convinces Manuel to take a break, and they all head back to town. They are soon intercepted by Juliet and Lillian. Not suspecting Sam of any foul play, they all continue to town. Manuel checks into his hotel room, while the marshalls head to Mr. Choe’s livery. They ask Mr. Choe if Victor’s horse looks familliar, who responds that the horse probably came from the Bar-None ranch.

Juliet retires to her home, while Sam and Lillian head to the Orient saloon for a night cap. Lillian brings up the subject of the displaced family, and Sam plays dumb. Mr. Bowman asks if the Marshalls know who is responsible, to which Lillian says, “no”. Rowland Smith breaks in and flirts with Marshall Lightfoot. He successfully arranges a picnic luncheon with her scheduled for 2pm later that day.

Meanwhile, Juliet’s slumber is abruptly interrupted by a red hooded man boasting foul garlic-breath. He grabs her by her hair and lets her know that the Marshall’s are no longer welcome in town and if they stay any longer, they’ll not survive long. He then leaves, and Juliet tries to follow him, but can’t pick up his trail, so she fires her pistol in the air. The whole town hears the shot and Marshall Williamson’s reply, “Goddammit! What the hell is wrong with this town?”

3:30 PM – Brimstone
Marshall Williamson and Father McDermitt speak with the undertaker, who is furious about the sudden influx of business at odd hours of the night. Thom expresses his desire to see the town flourish and law and order restored, which impresses the undertaker. Having heard Juliet’s shot, they run off to see what’s going on. At the jailhouse, Doc Buckshot talks with Chet Phelps, one of the red-hoods. He promises to look after Chet’s belongings and having made sure his wounds are tended to, he heads to find Lillian.



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